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Ever since the day SEOPressor turned this blog around (update on this coming shortly!) I’ve been an avid fan of its creator Daniel Tan, and his products.

So when I received an email from him with a heads up of a new WordPress theme based on Pinterest to be released on 10th September, I went to check it out straight away. The theme is called Pinsomo, take a look for yourself , the video is included on the sales page, and there is also a demo to give Pinsomo a tryout.

WOW! I didn’t hesitate to fish out the credit card (no – this isn’t a cheesy sales pitch, I really bought it!). I’ll be installing it on later this week so you can see for yourself, and of course I will be giving regular updates with any changes in traffic and sales.

It’s not a free WordPress theme (which I actually prefer, it would be everywhere if it was!) but it comes with a full 60 day, no quibble money back guarantee so I’m not in the least bit worried about my purchase.

But of course Show Me Some Money is all about making money online for free…

No problem! Pinsomo comes with an affiliate program 🙂 Sign up via Clickbank, you will only need 2 sales to get the money to buy it yourself. Or buy it first and charge for installations on your clients’ sites, Pinsomo comes with a developers license!

Since my first purchase from Daniel Tan’s office, I’ve had to contact the support team a couple of times, they are a really friendly bunch and have sorted my queries within a couple of hours (it was just a matter of SEOPressor making all my links no follow which didn’t go down well with the guest authors!)

Here’s some of the “official” Pinsomo sales pitch:

If you’re an Amazon affiliate looking to gain an increase in site traffic for your site, here’s PinSomo — your WordPress wondertheme.

PinSomo theme is the first Pinterest theme of its kind to be integrated with Facebook OpenGraph, Facebook Insights, Google Authorship Markup and a Mobile-Responsive design.

These are several benefits PinSomo can give you as an Amazon affiliate there’s another benefit that may not seem as monumental as the others but is still relatively important and usually overlooked.

This is the benefit of minimal time, effort and cost of setting up PinSomo. It only takes 2 minutes to download and install your PinSomo, just like any other WordPress theme. And there’s no need to hire programmers to create a whole new site for you, it’s a simple task that anyone can do — for free!

The other main benefits include:

● Increase site traffic by turning your site into Pinterest

● Allows you to monitor and adjust your site content based on visitor feedback (how your visitors behave and navigate on your site using Facebook OpenGraph) which is graphically consolidated for your easy disposal and analyse (Facebook Insights function)

● Automatically integrates your site with Google Authorship Markup so that your work is always recognized by Google and improves your SEO ranking because of your original content

● Lets your visitors view your site no matter what devices they’re on because of its mobile-responsive design, meaning your site will still be as aesthetic and still functional even if it’s viewed on devices with a different screen size With PinSomo, whether you’re an Amazon affiliate or just a simple online marketer, you’ll be armed with tools that will help you increase traffic, monitor and adjust to maintain that traffic and provide your visitors with the best user-experience doing so.

Having the tools necessary to solve a problem does not always mean you are using them correctly.

Here we’ve briefly covered the suggested manner in which once you have PinSomo, you can use it. So we’ll always have our support desk ready to answer any questions you might have to improve your methods of managing your PinSomo theme.

Bizrate Insights found that 32% of online buyers in North America have made purchases after seeing an image on Pinterest or a similar image-sharing site.

The reason why PinSomo works for Amazon niche sites is because is mainly because Amazon is filled with many products with visual representations and these visual images are naturally attractive to each and every person out there.

Images are literally first impressions that are the essential first-steps to any purchase. It only makes sense that as an Amazon affiliate, having your site look like Pinterest means having more traffic and in turn — more income.

However, this is not always the case as mentioned earlier and we always have to bear in mind that the content that we put on our site has to be relevant with the Amazon (or any other) product that we’re promoting otherwise there wouldn’t be results.

At the end of the day as an Amazon affiliate, you’re able to experience increased site traffic just because of one simple change. Having your site look like Pinterest will increase your chances of product sales and you’ll be able to see your commissions coming in instantly. But always remember, relevant content is necessary in making this work if you want to provide people the right tools they need to solve a problem.


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2 thoughts on “Make the Most of your Affiliate Sites with Pinsomo

  1. The Pinsomo theme is now live at, just a little tweaking needed to finish it off but I love it so far. Installation was really simple and quick.
    I can’t figure out how to get the author info off the posts though, so have contacted Daniels office, will report back how long it takes to get a reply 😉 I guess I could read the tutorial? naaaahhh

    When I downloaded the theme I was given the opportunity to also download the genesis framework, as I already have it I didn’t bother..

    If anyone else buys this theme, can you let me know if the Genesis Framework is included in the price?

    I’m going to be well hacked off if it is – I just paid $55 for it alone last week!!!!!!!!! 👿

    • the Somotheme support desk got back to me within an hour, Rayiz went and looked at the problem and gave me a snippet of code to put in the functions.php and promised not to go anywhere “just incase” I locked myself out with http 500 code again!! All sorted now ~ fab support desk proved itself once again 🙂

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