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Now it’s time to get all that hard work to pay off. Don’t be tempted to over advertise on your site, flashing banners and large, gaudy ads are off putting to potential customers and will more than likely just encourage them to click away from your page. A few, well placed ads will bring you more return in the long run.

There are many ways to earn money from your site, until you get more experienced just stick with these more common methods:


Google AdSense – When signing up for an AdSense account ensure you read their regulations thoroughly, you must not click on your own ads or encourage others to do so. You must only get organic (natural) traffic through your site; you must have a privacy policy in place, and quite a few more important rules to adhere to such as where and how many ads you are allowed on each page.


Affiliate Window  Affiliate Window is an award-winning performance marketing network – ranked number 1 in the UK. Over a thousand advertisers, ranging from blue-chip brands, such as Dixons, Boots and Vodafone, to niche retailers looking to grow their online presence, run programmes through this platform.

Clickbank offer products to promote for commission, mostly digital products (for download)

Ebay partner network




There are plenty more, if you already have a product you would like to promote, go directly to their main site and look around for a small affiliate link (usually in the footer)

Content Lockers

Personally I hate pages that have this; it means you cannot view the page until you complete a small task (take a survey or a quiz, etc.). I usually just close the page down. If it is something that interests you just Google CPA (cost per action) sites.


If you are providing a valuable service that others will appreciate enough to make a donation, go ahead and try it, don’t rely on this as a sole source of income though! Times are tough and people aren’t that easily parted from their hard earned cash, in most cases they will want something in return.

Once your site is firmly established you can look at selling advertising space.

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