Make Money With Pokémon Go

pokemon go logoAre you one of the 21 million new Pokémon Go players, or are you one of the few making money from the new craze?

If you’d like to be the latter (or both), read on! It’s definitely not too late to start cashing in, but with Christmas and the silly season just around the corner, you will want to be getting going real soon!

If you don’t know yet what Pokémon Go is, you either live off the grid whittling spoons for a living, or you will know all about it very soon! Either way I’m not explaining the game in this post (surely you know what Google is for?), this is about cashing in on the craze that has swept the entire globe over the last couple of weeks.

There are a multitude of ways to make money from Pokémon, both online and offline, and with digital and physical products. Something to suit everyone!

It’s not often that I post about making money from the latest fad or craze, but Pokémon has been around for 20 years now and isn’t likely to be going away anywhere in the near future either.

Ok so without further ado, if it’s money making ideas from Pokémon Go you’re looking for, first off you need to go grab this cheatsheet from Barb Ling. It’s a one page power cheatsheet totally packed with info to get started making money right away, and all the links you need to get signed up as an affiliate for various products and apps.

Think Outside The Box

After reading Barb’s info, you’ll be rearing to go with all things Pokémon Go – but what about all the goodies that go with being outside hunting for virtual critters??

Think outside the actual game itself: You’re outside in the rain but you need your (not waterproof) phone in your hand, wouldn’t it be cool if you had a waterproof phone cover?

Battery sales for the iPhone 5 have also sky rocketed since the game launch – so what about battery boosting devices and emergency chargers?

Think about the users themselves: fingerless gloves, poncho’s and even sturdy foot attire are going to be needed.

Silly Season

People generally buy all sorts of crap in the run up to Christmas, get yourself over to Amazon and eBay, and check out all the Pokémon toys, T-shirts and gifts available.

Join a few Facebook selling groups and get up some tester posts to check the response, order accordingly.

Don’t mess about with this one, if you’re planning on ordering items from China in time for Christmas you will need to allow at least 3 weeks for delivery. Don’t pay extra for express shipping, you’ll get caught by customs for charges.

Have fun guys, stay safe and may all your Pokémon be rare!


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