Can You Really Make Money on Survey Sites?

surveyLike so many opportunities to make money online, this sounds way too good to be true: share your opinion about some random topic, and make hundreds of bucks for doing it.

Though you should exercise caution whenever you respond to one of those survey site ads, it is possible to make enough money to be worth your while. The key is finding reputable sites with proven track records. Mind you, this probably isn’t going to help you quit your day job, but if you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, it could be a good option.

Find a Reputable Site

There are sites that will pay you for your opinions, but there are more places that are simply operating scams. Make sure you thoroughly research the company before signing on with them.

Do a search using the name of the company and “scam” before you move forward to make sure there haven’t been any complaints to the Better Business Bureau or other sites.

If the company asks you to provide money upfront, claiming they need it to get you on the payroll or some other flimsy excuse, walk away. Do not deal further with this company. It is a scam, and they will not pay you.

Make Sure the Money Fits the Survey Time

Many of these sites pay a small amount of money for taking a survey. Five dollars is certainly worth it for a survey that takes five or ten minutes. But for one that takes a half hour or more, it’s definitely not.

Ascertain beforehand whether the money that you will be paid is worth the time that you’ll be spending. Skip any that require you to do research or prep work on your own time.

Consider Getting Points

Some sites, like Lightspeed Panel, pay in points instead of cash. Though at first you may be leery of trying a program like this, it can be beneficial. For one thing, you can often keep the product that they ask you to test, which is a great bargain if it’s a product you’re going to give a good review to.

Beware the Sweepstakes

Some survey sites do offer legitimate survey opportunities, but you have to sift through the sweepstakes and other contest offers that they will email you as well. The key is to look through the emails carefully and determine whether they are worth your time to answer.

Sometimes a sweepstakes can be worth it if the prize is good and it doesn’t take long to fill out. But if it’s a long and involved survey, skip it. Your minutes are better spent answering one that will definitely earn you dough.

A guest article from Katie Elizabeth who hasn’t yet managed to give up her day job of overseeing management of PPC campaigns by filling in surveys!


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