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My Blog STILL isn’t making me any money!

Right, so you fixed everything that may have been wrong with your blog in my last post on the subject of blogging for money successfully? Did you really? Or did you just read it and then move on to the next blog post/forum thread on the matter?? I did! But it was all in the name of research – honestly!

Ok so first things first, if you are concentrating on making £2k a day from your blog – STOP! While that’s a great long-term goal, you can’t earn that much when you haven’t even hit £2 yet.

Blogging is a long-term project, definitely not for those looking to make money fast. If you are desperate to make cash from your blogging efforts, then that right there could be why your blog is not making any money. Stop thinking about the money for a while, and concentrate on your blog..are you providing valuable information and/or solving a problem??

There are a thousand or more reasons why your blog isn’t generating an income, this post will cover a few of them, but your best resource right now is to get an independent review, you could be missing something right in front of your eyes (can’t see the wood for the trees syndrome!). Head over to the review section on Money On Computer and ask the readers for their opinions, you will get honest opinions and constructive criticism on your site (you’ll also get a free backlink to your blog!).


Google dominates search engine traffic, fact! Are you pleasing big G enough? Did you do enough keyword research, and are you using those keywords effectively?

So your site is ranking on the first page of Google – not a lot of use if your keywords are only typed into the search engine 100 times a month, especially when you consider you are only likely to get a quarter of those impressions as hits!

So is your blog optimised for Google rankings?

Google loves:

  • Unique content that’s updated regularly (even though searches on the first page will often show you posts from 2009 – Go figure!?)
  • Aged domains – the longer you can keep your blog going with regular updates, the easier it will become to gain the respect from the Big Guy! If you can afford to buy an aged domain, go for it.
  • Content that is targeted at the audience, not the search engine – 3% keyword density is fine, and don’t over do the WordPress plugins. Your website or blog has to be more than just search engine fodder.
  • YouTube – Google owns YouTube, so it’s a small surprise that videos on your blog add to the appeal.
  • Your own domain, if you have competitive keywords, type them into Google and see how many of the results are from free blogging platforms (if you must go for free, then at least use, which is also owned by Google!). If you can’t afford your own domain and hosting then either spend a couple of weeks working Postloop until you can, or use Squidoo, Hubpages, Ehow, etc as your blogging platform.
  • Images, with good alt tags (there’s a free wp plugin that takes care of that). This blog gets around 200 hits per day just from one simple image of a light bulb!
  • Quick loading pages – Sites that take an age to load will not only affect your SEO but will also put off any visitors that you do get.
  • Sitemaps – There’s a free WP plugin (Google XML sitemaps) that will take care of this, and even submit it to G for you.
  • Throughout the whole of your website, you are probably going to have articles which are different yet closely related to one another. It is therefore important that these pages are appropriately linked to one another. In doing so, you provide search engines with a better overall understanding of your website (similar to the purpose of a Sitemap). All pages should be accessible with one click from your Homepage.
  • Social Media interaction (Social Signals) – The more your posts are Tweeted, Liked, Pinned, Dug or Stumbled, the more G will sit up and take notice of you.
  • Natural, High quality Backlinks.
  • Google! If it’s got a G on it, use it; G+1, Goggle circles, Google Groups, Google hangouts, use them all, use them often!

Google Hates:

  • Spammy backlink blasts from everywhere (no more 25k backlink gigs from Fiverr!). Search engines are far more savvy than they were years ago and are likely to penalize your blog if you link with suspicious websites, or websites lacking in quality. Therefore, only link to another website if there is a genuine reason for it, and provided the website appears to be genuine and of good quality and related to your Niche.
  • Duplicate content, unless it is curated with a link back to source, but no more than 10% of your entire content should be curated.
  • Over-the-top keywords planted everywhere.
  • Affiliate links and advertising dominating your content. Keep it subtle!
  • Broken links, check them routinely.
  • High bounce rates (the length of time visitors spend on your blog), you must keep the reader engaged/entertained/le

Traffic From other sources

  • Guest Posting  means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. Find other blogs related to your Niche and post on their blogs. Sign up for free on It’s a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out there in the blogosphere.
  • Allow Guest posts on your blog – This will give you a little break from blogging, while still keeping your content fresh and updated. The Guest Poster may also write about their post on your blog and link back to you.
  • Join a Blog Carnival
  • Cause a stir, make the news! Get yourself papped with a celeb, get a celeb to fall out with you, sue Google, whatever..enjoy your 15 mins of fame and watch that traffic rocket!
  • Get a free QR code made and put it on stickers, flyers, t-shirts, everything! Put them up on bulletin boards, libraries, colleges, public toilets – leave them as you would a business card – who can resist scanning those cute little barcodes?

I’m sure you’ve already learned everything there is to know about article marketing, directories, do follow lists and the rest of it so enough about all that!

Don’t try to go it alone! Drag in family members, friends, ask for help when you need it, get or join a community board such as Ana Hoffman’s over on Pinterest. Use MyBlogLog, Blogged, BlogCatalog and NetworkedBlogs communities.

From Moc:

From experience with blogging and running other off topic websites this approach (going it alone) will not typically work well for maximum growth, and when word of mouth and friendship is so powerful why wouldn’t you utilise that? Especially from the start. So I have had a different approach, and it works for me. Share it as much as you can, and spam your friends, they are more tolerant!

3 months ago I was in the exact same position as you are right now. I think it’s best for you to share a personal achievement such as running a blog with your inner circle. You will be surprised at the support you will get from some, and yes the others may think your crazy. But the weight of 1 persons support is worth more than 10 other people’s negative opinions, IMO.

It’s been great to share this resource with some of my good friends so I say share it straight up with the people you know, you want to make it grow on a solid foundation and this is as good as any organic online traffic you can get and it’s free; word of mouth.

Once you have your readers, keep them engaged – ask questions to encourage comments, remove any complicated captcha for the comments, use comment luv ….

Optimise and be proud of EVERY post on your blog, once it’s written and published isn’t the time to sit back, it’s just the beginning!

As this post was written off the top of my head, that’s all I can think of for right now, but I sure do have a bee in my bonnet over it, so more will follow! for now I’m off to like, tweet, discuss, digg and pin and then I deserve some shiny stuff to look at 🙂

If you’re still reading, well done! But now go DO something about your Blog!

never give up



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  1. People start blogging thinking it is instant and easy money. I suppose at one time maybe it was but not anymore, there are almost too many blogs so getting started is very much a challenge. For those people who are paying for a Web hosting company it is even more of a challenge to make it pay, even with Web Hosting companies coupons but still it is something many are going to try, and those with talent at writing and new, unique content, will do well. I myself have a few blogs but they do not pay the bills that is for sure.
    Great blog thanks for all the amazing information.

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