Online and Offline Advertisement for Your Own Website

A professionally designed website is the online version of a business card. Once you have set everything up and are ready to go you will need to let people know about you and your site. That’s when decent online and offline advertisement comes into play. There is not one right way to advertise, in fact many ways can lead to success. We have put together a few tips for you to help you get an overview over what options are available.

Online Advertisement

  • On-Site Improvements: You can do a lot on the site itself to be found more easily on the internet. Fill your site with relevant content to make it more attractive to search engines such as Google. Frequently update your news section, offers and your stocked items if you’re running an e-commerce site. This will ensure that visitors will keep coming back to your site knowing that there is something new for them to see regularly.
  • Social Media: This has become an essential part of online marketing. Dialogue and customer contact is increasingly shifting to blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Owning your own Facebook Page and interesting blog posts can largely increase your site’s reach. This will allow you to give your site a personality with which you can interact with your customers. People prefer dealing with other people rather than a corporation.
  • Media Portals: A lot of bigger companies already make use of these. They write press releases so that they are constantly being talked about. But you can also make use of this service on a smaller scale. Odds are that there will be news about your business worth reporting. Just post your press release in one of the many free media portals.

Offline Advertisement

  • Printed Advertisement: You have business cards, leaflets, brochures? It’s advisable to include your website. It doesn’t matter whether it is posters, letterheads, business cards or leaflets with printed advertisement you give an interested party an easy way to find out more about you online. Your web address should be easily visible on your car, your company label and/or your shop window. You can find a print and design service in Hull here.
  • Personal Customer Contact: Good service and quality speak for themselves. Word of mouth is still a fantastic way of making people aware of your website. Let your customers know about the special offers on your website.

In short, get your website printed on as many materials as possible and make use of free online platforms to increase your customer reach. Be friendly and helpful and you stand a good chance of succeeding online.

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