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I just love this idea! To make this work you will need a strong interest in fashion, as it would get a little boring if the topic is of no interest to you, but if this happens to be a passion of yours, it’s something that could easily start off as a way to earn a little extra part-time money and quickly flourish into a full-time Home Business.

If you are completely new to the world of Internet Marketing, this may be a little difficult to achieve, but is definitely do-able with the right attitude and determination. Don’t forget the internet is a never-ending source of information and help, a little Googling will provide all the help and information you need.

You are going to build a blog offering a free, tailor-made personal shopping experience via email. Simply invite readers to email you with their size, body shape, occasion for which they are shopping, colouring, etc. You will then browse the department stores for items fitting their description and mail back with the links (containing your affiliate links of course) to what you have found.

What You Will Need:

  • An interest in fashion and a desire to assist the public in their fashion choices.
  • A great looking, professional blog – if finances allow it would be a good idea to get your own Domain, If not then a free blog will do, but please put some time into a pretty and professional design!
  • As most of your work will be via email, your own domain will be a lot more beneficial as you can create an email such as, instead of – which doesn’t really shout professional service!
  • An Affiliate Window  account, this is free – but get your blog set up first to ensure approval.

When you are happy with the layout and look of your blog, you will need to add a Home page, an About page, around 5 quality articles (approx 500 words each), contact us form, Affiliate Disclosure and Privacy Policy:

Home Page – Make this simple and easy to read, explaining the services you are offering and instructions on how to contact you.

About – Just a few lines explaining who you are and what you do, and why you do it.

Affiliate Disclosure & Privacy Policy– A free template from searching on Google is fine

Articles – Write a few posts about what clothes suit which body shape, colours to enhance/hide your best features, that sort of thing. You will need at least five posts, with good, original content for Google to take notice of you – and also for your Affiliate programmes to deem you worthy of approval.

Contact Us – Most WordPress templates include this as standard.

When you have all this in place and are happy with your work (it’s a good idea to get a couple of reviews from some trusted friends, or request a review in the MOC Forum Here) you can then apply for affiliation with the major department stores. John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, etc. It will take a couple of days for approval to come through, so use that time testing out your abilities with your friends and family. You can also spend some time setting up your Facebook page, Twitter, Digg, Stumbled Upon and Pinterest accounts if you don’t have them already.

Aim to build your blog by posting at least twice a week, Affiliate Window merchants are very good at giving you a heads up on upcoming sales, so make one of your blog categories “sales alerts”. You can also fill it with fashion tips, celeb fashion disasters, reviews, etc – The possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget your social media buttons on all blog posts, the more they are shared, the better for business! Celeb gossip goes down a storm on Facebook, while designer fashion images will do well on Pinterest.

The real secret beauty about this Home Business Opportunity is that not only can you make instant profits from your affiliate links in blog posts and emails, but you will also be building a valuable, highly targeted email list (these are worth more than gold!). In time you can send out a weekly newsletter to your list, bringing them back as clients time and time again.

You can build on and expand this Money Making method as much or as little as you wish, when you have started to turn a profit, you could look at hiring a virtual assistant and article writers to lessen your workload.

You may also want to think about paid advertising to expand your Home Business, or just keep things tootling along at your own pace.

If, however, you find it all too much, and not really the job for you after all, you could sell your New Business, site and email list as a going concern.


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