Online Tutoring

Get paid for answering questions in your area of expertise. Makes it easy to earn a little extra money by helping students with their questions.

The top tutors have earned over $200,000 on this site!

How you earn

Students post their questions to the site, asking for help with an academic or technical problem. They offer a price for what they’re willing to pay (called the “bounty” on site) for a tutorial that answers the question or teaches them how to solve the problem.

You find questions you wish to answer by searching on the site for your area of expertise, or by opting-in to email alerts in your chosen areas.

You will need to upload an expert tutorial answering the question, along with your price tag. They will select a random 20% of your answer as a preview and post it for all to see. You get to choose what 20% they show, and they wont ever put up your conclusion.

When the stuck student  buys your solution, you receive your fee less 18% commission that goes to the site.

Your tutorial will be visible forever, so if it’s a commonly asked question, you could earn a good passive income from it. Some users have made up to $1,000 and more off one answer. When answers are bought more than once, Student of Fortune take 40% in commissions to cover the cost of advertising.

Rather than wait for students to ask for help, you can also upload your tutorials in advance – there is no charge until your tutorial is bought.

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