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Getting paid for filling in survey’s is a great way to earn a little extra in your lunch hour, when the kids have gone to bed or at the weekends.

Our advice is to just sign up to a couple of well-known and trusted companies, such as Mysurvey and Toluna.

Joining lots can get a little overwhelming and it would be easy to lose track of earnings as it takes a while to build up a decent cash out amount.

Be honest when filling the surveys and try not to reject too many, consistent acceptance will enable you to climb the ladder to the better paying surveys.

The good thing about My survey is that even if you are rejected from some of the survey offers, you still get entry into their prize draws whether you complete the full survey or not. Rejection is nothing personal, it simply means you don’t meet their target market for that particular survey.

By joining the MySurvey panel, you join a community of consumers who share their views about new products and services of well-known brands.

MySurvey is a UK-based market research company, although they have access to millions of consumers across 34 countries, and over 7 million registered panelists.  Once you  have signed up to join their consumer panel (for free), you have the opportunity to be rewarded with  points towards shopping vouchers and the chance to be entered  into  their €2,000 prize draw. You also get to give your opinion and influence tomorrow’s products and services by answering online questionnaires.
After the simple, free registration, new panelists receive entries for the €2,000 prize draw and then earn MySurvey points for each completed survey.

Toluna is a one stop site for all things polls & opinion related, it’s more than just a survey site, Toluna is more of an online community that allows you to create and participate in online polls and surveys.

There are several online activities available to the Toluna Community. Members can create their own polls, or post their opinions on an existing topic, and can, of course, participate and get paid for completing online surveys.

The downside of surveys: It is incredibly time-consuming, and gets very repetitive and boring. Survey filling is great if you have a couple of hours to spare each day and just want a little extra cash. Its is definitely not for those wanting a full-time, or even part-time income from home.

Whatever research companies you decide to sign up for, please remember that the reputable companies pay you for taking part – you should NEVER pay them! If in doubt – Google the company name +scam.


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  1. Hey there lisa thx for sharing this information i really like your tips when it comes to doing paid surveys online as i have done them for a few years now and its easyer then all those other ways of trying to make money online but i do pay a site for my surveys and that may be why i find it easyer as i dont want to waste my time with scams that dont pay.

    • thanks for commenting Amena, I’d love to hear more about your method to make money with surveys – is it a monthly fee that you pay? and what do you get in return for your fee?

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