painless traffic

Painless Traffic

painless trafficAs my niche is in make money online, I am a member of lots of forums discussing the topic, and one of the main thread subjects is almost always “how do I get traffic” or similar.

So this morning, I was busy emptying my junk mail folders as usual (just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything important) and came across a mail that caught my eye titled “buyer traffic for $1”.

Being of a somewhat curious nature, this one caught my eye and I was bought to the Painless Traffic sales page. It has all the usual Clickbank sales pitch, complete with cheesy video (not too long though thank goodness) hand writing red fonts and highlighted yellow text!

Looking past all this and onto the actual product, it really does seem to good to be true – but for a dollar it had to be worth a look!

After handing over my dollar, I was emailed my log in details, went over to the site and typed in 2 urls where I want to send the traffic to. I also had to choose the two closest matching categories.

I chose one of my websites for the first URL, and a Clickbank affiliate link for the second.

And so my two week trial begins today! As I can cancel at anytime for a full refund, I haven’t even lost a dollar if it doesn’t work out. All I’ve lost is around a minute of my time filling in the details, I can live with that.

Honest review and update of Painless Traffic will be here as soon as the trial period has finished.


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