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If you own a blog, you  can get paid by advertisers to simply post on it! Sign up for free with, complete your details and add your blog to the correct category, then just wait for an advertiser to offer you a paid post opportunity!

For some reason that is unknown to me, when signing up it says you cannot log into the site via Internet Explorer, you will then be invited to download Firefox browser – just click on carry on anyway if you don’t want to do this and it works just fine!

There is an opportunity to add a description of your blog, so this is where you really need to sell yourself; describe exactly what your blog is about, boast about your writing skills (check the description for spelling and grammar errors BEFORE submitting), the amount of traffic your blog gets, etc. Use lots of descriptive keywords and tags.

You will also need to state the minimum amount you are willing to be paid per post or per word, but don’t worry there are plenty of guidelines available on the site.

The average paid post is around 200 words, and you can expect to be paid around $6 for it, but don’t be afraid to ask for more if you feel your writing skills and blog traffic are worth it. You won’t be offered more than you ask for so aim high! You can always reduce your fees if you don’t receive any offers.

Blogs do not go through any sort of approval process, so there are no minimum eligibility requirements. Approval is automatic, and you don’t need to wait to be notified. Your blog is eligible to receive offers as soon as it is submitted. Also, There is no limit to the number of blogs that you can add to your account – so go ahead, add them all, or even make a new one especially for paid posts!

Once your blog has been submitted to the system, it will be eligible to receive offers; but when the offers start to come in really depends on the popularity of your category and the competition that already has a good reputation. When you receive an opportunity from an advertiser, you then have the option of accepting, declining or negotiating further with them. Bloggers have complete control  over which advertisers they work with.

Payment is made via PayPal, so make sure you have an account or you won’t get paid! Funds are only released to your account after 30 days. As soon as your balances reaches $50.00 you may withdraw your funds.

Pay Per Post has been trading successfully for six years, so you can be pretty sure it is a legitimate and reputable company.



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  1. A word to the wise – PayPerPost is an Izea company. For some reason Google hates the Izea companies. PayPerPost tries to treat their bloggers right, but sometimes Google sets traps by pretending to be a legitimate company seeking the services of the PayPerPost company. If the trusting blogger takes the job (which is really a trap) then the blogger take a serious hit at the next Google indexing. The PayPerPost jobs all require follow links. And some of the advertisers start out saying that they only want one link and 200 words but then when you accept the job they demand more links and refuse to pay extra for them. In my opinion the “best” Sponsored Links Izea company is called Social Spark. They pay for nofollow links, which Google does not penalize.

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