peoplestring – scam?

Is Peoplestring a scam or not? I’ve been using the site for a week or so, and still can’t really figure out exactly what it is, they market themselves as a new social networking site where the registered users share the profits, whereas others such as Facebook keep them all to themselves – seems like a great idea in theory but is it working?

Most of the complaints are regarding the admin team being inaccessible, referrals not showing up and not being able to get cash out. However, the majority of these seem to stem from residents outside of the US.

The site definitely seems to be working for residents of the States, so the only suggestion I have if you want to try it is to get referrals from the USA!

That said, I wouldn’t recommend signing up for the entrepreneur package ($200). Stick with the free sign up and see how it goes for you.

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