If you have a decent digital camera (camera phone probably won’t cut it) and a good eye for a nice photograph, you could earn quite a lot of money from selling your work online.

You can make money selling simple, everyday photos; but probably best to stick with landscapes and micro work at first because portraits require you to get into lots of model release legal stuff.

  You don’t have to be an artist or a professional photographer to make some good money from your photography; but the images do need to be clear, in focus and a certain size and quality (check the size requirements on site before submitting). Businesses need stock photos for their blogs, websites, presentations, and loads more.  Most of the time it’s the most simple things that they’re looking for, such as designs and textures (bark, leaves, wood, brick, concrete, wallpaper, etc).

When someone buys and downloads your image you get paid a commission, the amount depends on the quality and popularity of the image. You will also get a higher commission if you agree to the site having exclusive rights over your photographs (just means you can’t sell or publish them for download anywhere else).

Here’s a few sites where you can get started:, ShutterStock, and iStockphoto. Have a look around at a few sites and see what’s selling and what type of photography is the most popular.

Don’t get disheartened if your first few attempts are rejected, just keep submitting your photographs until you find the formula they are looking for. It’s not a bad idea to submit a few of your early photographs for the free to download section, it will gain you a reputation and popularity on the site, meaning people will be more likely to purchase your paid photography in the future.

If your photos are not quite good enough to make a  killing on the stock photo websites, you could consider setting up your own website or blog to give them away for free while you make money off some adsense adverts or affiliate links related to photography. WordPress, blogger and weebly offer free sites and are really simple to set up.

Happy snapping!

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