Ply Your Trade (Virtually!)

handymanThe inspiration for this post struck after a recent conversation with a friend (thanks Donna!), whose Plasterer husband enjoyed the boom times along with the rest of us, but who sadly now – like the thousands of others, finds himself struggling to find an honest days’ work here and there.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you are one of the many qualified Tradesmen sitting at home now, waiting for that call with the offer of work that doesn’t come.

Well stop sitting – start blogging! Tradespeople have a wealth of information and knowledge surrounding their given trade that they have gathered over time, so why not put it to good use and share with those that don’t? This recession, economic downturn, hard times, or whatever you want to call it has at least spawned a new generation of incompetent DIYers!

The thing here is that for every unemployed Plasterer out there, you will also find an out of work Carpenter, Plumber or IT consultant who, while an expert in his own field, wouldn’t necessarily have a clue about patching a wall! He can’t afford to hire a Plasterer to do the job because he’s out of work so has no money….You see where I’m going with this? There are probably a hundred or more bricklayers haphazardly attempting to fix a drippy tap right at this moment!

Ok so how to Make Some Money out of this scenario? 

Get some How-to video’s up on You Tube. There are several ways to go with this, firstly you could attempt to appeal to your peers and come across as a professional, or appeal to members of the opposite sex (lose the shirt guys!), or even chance your arm at making the video a comedy piece – whatever works best for you.

If the video’s are a hit all you need to do is direct the viewers to a couple of affiliate links or partner with adsense and job done! If not, don’t worry – just link the videos up to a blog (get a free one at You should also add your contact details to the blog, just incase any DIY projects don’t go quite according to plan. Fill the blog with lots of useful hints, tips and tricks of the trade.

Always market to your chosen audience, for instance; if you want to appeal to women there is a great range of pink tools on Amazon. For the fellow tradesman you should be promoting professional ranges (make sure you are seen to be using them in your videos), whereas the latest gadgets ae going to appeal more to office workers and young executives.

Monetize your blog with reviews of physical products or DIY books from Amazon (signing up as an Amazon Associate is free and simple, but have the blog in place before joining as they will want to check it). You could also check out Clickbank for digital download products, such as DIY courses.

You could even try your hand at writing your own DIY guide to sell and self publish on Kindle.

For the totally camera-shy some good, clear images will do.

There are lots of ways to twist this method to suit you as an individual, keep trying, experimenting and testing until you find what works for you. Hopefully this post has at least given you a few ideas to expand on.

This Money Making opportunity isn’t going to be a succes overnight, but don’t give up too easy, allow yourself at least three months before you start earning. If you can turn your misfortune into a profitable Work at Home Business, who knows? Losing your job could actually have been the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Wishing you every success with whatever Money Making adventure you decide to embark on – Personally I am an out of work Driving Instructor so I’m off to create my “Car Maintenance Without Breaking a Fingernail” Masterpiece – In a Bikini (Not Really!!)

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