Gotta say I was more than a little wary when I first came across Postlinks – but if it’s good enough for the blogging legend that is, then it’s good enough for Show Me Some Money!

What is Postlinks

PostlinksIn a nutshell PostLinks lets you Sell text links on your WordPress blog, they provide a simple WordPress plugin to enable this to be done simply and easily.

The really great thing about Postlinks is that you are not going to end up with a huge list of links on your blog roll or resource page, oh no! You have the option to receive the links in the form of comments, OR you can choose to accept full articles, with unique fresh content delivered to your blog with all the relevant keywords!

If that’s not enough, Postlinks also offer a fantastic referral programme. Refer users to and receive $25 for each active publisher and $100 for each valid advertiser referred.

Still not enough?? Sign up now and get 1000 credits for links to your own blog absolutely free!

According to Jeremy Schoemaker:

This is a post about an amazingly effective link network I have been playing with.

A word on buying links: Google years ago realized how powerful services like this are and does not favor link buying. However, we have never had a problem in using paid links. With that being said, when you are using these kinds of services to boost your site in search engines please ensure that these kinds of links are not the ONLY kind of link your site has.

They have a publisher network of over 10,000 bloggers that are daily indexed by Google and have an average pagerank of 3. These are real websites and real bloggers.

When you buy a link with PostLinks you need to create a profile of the page you want the link to goto. Then you choose if you want the link in the context of a post or a comment. The comment thing to me was a new feature that I had not seen. Unlike other commenting services this one uses a no follow approved comment on a bloggers blog with your specified anchor text.

Another neat feature PostLinks offers is they let you specify how quickly to build the links. You can choose to add as many per day as you want.

We have been using the service on some content affiliate sites and they have survived every Google update since we started using the service. (Panda, Penguin).

How do I earn money with Postlinks?

PostLinks is designed to make it as easy as possible to generate revenue from your WordPress site. Getting started is easy. Simply add your blog to the PostLinks system, install the plugin on your site, validate that everything is working properly, and start earning money.

Through your PostLinks control panel, you have the option to accept one or all of the content link types: Article Posts, Contextual Links, and Comments.

One important point to note – your blog must have a page rank of at least 1 to participate, but the higher your PR, the more you will be paid.

You will earn credits for each link that you display on your blog, use the credits to cash out via PayPal or use them to buy links to your blog.

Not only will you earn credits for each new link, but you will earn credits every month for as long as the link is displayed on your site. The money adds up fast, and the sooner you get started, the more money you will make!



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