Google has recently bought a gaming company called Slide, who happen to own and operate They obviously see something big in this and plan on making a success of it as they paid $182 million!

Signing up with is really easy, you can use your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email account – how’s that for choice!? is basically a contest based problem solving platform; People post up their problems, you offer a solution – if they pick your answer, you get paid!

Find prizes that you would like to compete for on the ‘Compete & Win’ page. Review the prize details and read through them thoroughly, then prepare your entry, once your idea or design is ready, submit it for a chance to win. You may submit as many different entries as you wish.

Once your entry has been submitted for judging, do keep in touch with what is going on, and keep an eye out for announcements from the creator, you are entitled to ask questions if something isn’t clear enough or ask for  feedback on any of your entries. Making quick, last-minute revisions to your idea or design will increase your chances of winning.

Every problem posted up to be solved must be completed within a set timeframe, during which people will vote for the best solution or advice given. The best entry is ultimately chosen by the prize creator, they must choose a winner within 12 days of the close of contest. In the case that prize creators do not pick a winner in time, the entry with the most votes will win.
The creator is free to close the contest at any time if they are happy with an answer that has been entered. The money on offer currently for the questions varies greatly, you could win anywhere between $10-$50 per problem solved (there is a handling fee of 5.5% and a surcharge of 10% from for every transaction)
Point to note: If a problem receives less than five entries, or has less than twenty votes by the time it ends, it may be extended for a further 7 days.
When the contest is over, the prize creator will pick a winner and begin the transaction process and then proceed to pay the winner on the transaction page. Once the payment has been confirmed and verified, credits will instantly be transferred to the winner’s account which can then be cashed out via PayPal.
Although is a perfectly legitimate and respected company, do be aware that not all of the contest creators may be quite so trustworthy! Reportedly some scammers are using the site for free advice and ideas by picking an answer submitted by themselves or a friend, here is an excerpt from one review:
The site itself is not a scam but many of the contest creators are. Here is how things on are working out. Someone creates a contest for lets say $250 and hundreds of contestants work hard on their ideas. Now here’s how many of us are getting scammed. Lets say the contest creator has asked us all to come up with an available domain name for their new business. They get hundreds of ideas and they promptly go off and register their favourites but awarding the winner to an account belonging either to themselves or someone they know, and, hey presto they get all that creativity and get to receive their prize money back.. its becomes totally free service for them. And if the use the free $100 credit give you for signing up they actually make money out of the deal too.
Source: Reviewopedia

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