PTC (paid to click)


These sites offer cash just for clicking on ads they show you. The usual promise is of $0.02 per click – the reality is more like $0.001 per click. You are not going to make any money from these sites unless you get referrals – and LOTS of them!

If you spot one of these sites offering $0.50 per click and upwards stay well clear, it’s not going to happen!!

Having said that, some are legitimate companies and have been paying out for years, a select few have made the elite list at ptc investigation

I chose to sign up to clixsense and have been clicking away for 3 days now, with no referrals I have amassed the grand total of $0.07!

You could always set up a ptc site of your own! I have no experience of this so wont be posting any links, but a quick google search of “ptc hosting” will return plenty of results for you:)

Get paid to click on ads and for referals – there are thousands around, here are just a few – all have been researched by ptc investigations and have been running for over two years with a proven track record of payouts








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