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To Publish or Not To Publish – The Review

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Publish us is a revenue sharing site that allows writers to post content to the site and be paid according to the amount of views that each article receives. Founded in mid-2011, this site is geared towards writers who are interested in getting their work out while earning money for it at the same time.  Like most other sites, Publish Us is free to register and use.


How It Works

Basically, users are paid for each view of any article that they put up on the site. The articles posted are separated into categories, such as business, religion, or travel, although users are given the option to write on whatever topic they feel like before putting it in the appropriate category.  Users can increase their readership by sharing their content through popular social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


The Good

Unlike many other sites, there is no minimum payout amount required. That means that as long as you earn anything, you will receive it without having to wait to pass any arbitrary clearance amount. Not only that, Publish Us allows users to post content that is featured elsewhere. This means that users can begin to immediately benefit any content that they have already published, as well as saving time from having to produce unique content or make changes to articles to ensure that it is adequately original to be put onto the site. Publish Us also has a very decent, if minimalist, layout that many readers and users would enjoy. There are very few negative reports about the site, and most readers report being paid on time and seem satisfied with the site.


The Bad

Probably the biggest drawback to the site is the fact that it doesn’t seem to be very well known! This of course limits the possible revenue that can be made through the site. Also, from first glance at the sight, it would seem that a tighter oversight policy is needed for some of the published posts, to stop some users from putting up random content in the hope of making it to the front page and getting clicks!


Overall, Publish Us is a writer’s site with lots of potential. However, it is apparent that in order to continue to expand, greater efforts must be made to publicise the site and ensure that the users have a wider readership, as well as to tighten controls in order to guarantee that only premium content is published.


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