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pulzMore and more businesses are going online in Today’s tech world as the need for an effective web presence is constantly increasing. For those new ventures still being tight on the budget, using a website builder is a great option to create and show their professional showcase to the world and get on the track while cutting time and costs.

What is Puzl?

Puzl is an innovative website builder giving entrepreneurs and small businesses the opportunity to create a 100% free business website. Puzl conception is designed to be affordable allowing those lacking solid financial resources to create a cost efficient website at no charge and reallocate their budget to other areas of marketing and promotion.

The platform offers:

  • an intuitive drag and drop interface
  • over 25 widgets available and many more to come
  • a full liberty of design customization
  • an unlimited storage capacity and pages
  • An ads-free website – our business members should not see their offers compete with external advertising banners.
  • a mobile devices optimization
  • a complete social networks integration
  • a full customer support
  • SEO architecture improving the online visibility of your website

Excited to learn more about the options you have with Puzl when building up your website? Find answers below:

How do you get started?                                                

You simply need to go to Puzl.com. Register on the platform and then follow the indications.

You will see that the website builder of Puzl requires that you first fill in specific business information. By indicating those early on, we are able to classify your site, pin point your location on a map, auto-generate contact form, all aiming at helping search engines better understand the purpose of your business site.

An in-editor help explains all the tools as you progress. All you need to do is just decide on the best design to fit your professional vision. Freely combine the 3 elements- themes, colors and templates, to fully customize your website exactly the way you have imaged it! You are then ready to further edit your page by improving the structure and content, adding pages, resizing photos, etc.   You retain full control over your site. You may publish it whenever you are ready and may always go back to improve it once it is live.

What if you have an existing site?

If you already run a website, there is no reason why you can’t build a secondary one on Puzl. The more online visibility your business attains, the more prospects will discover your offers.

When you do so, do not forget to create unique text fully focusing on your business targets.

Why Should I create unique content?

Search engines do not index, in the results of their search queries, duplicate content not seeing the added value that a user would find in viewings two contents which answer the same need or question in the exact same way. It is therefore highly important to create unique text on your website if you wish to gain online visibility.

Puzl has placed online a comprehensive step by step process to building a free SEO website

Which advises you on the best URL structure, how you should write text for your site, what is a Meta description…

Different domain solutions are available. Puzlists’ websites are all hosted within the Puzl.com domain as this is the best way to benefit from the SEO added value of the business network. You will therefore have to start by creating a website on your-business name.puzl.com.

Another solution, Domain Mapping, is now available. It is featured to make your Puzl website appear on an external domain. You will be able to create a website on Puzl then make it appear on your-domain.com. This is a part of the premium services of Puzl working on a monthly subscription basis. We are currently working on this new feature which will soon be available to our members.

What choices of design do you have?

Puzl offers a total liberty to personalize your website by picking the most desirable design theme and color schemes. All themes have a different structure, design effects (shadows, frames, color gradients, etc…) assisting the members of the platform in picking the best design combination to create a lively and attractive web space. Different arrangements, adapted to specific professional activities, are proposed to enable members start with an already created design base.

Once your design is selected, you are then ready to benefit from the vast array of widgets available (text, image, video, sound, slideshows, photo galleries, Google map, links, etc…), helping you to fully customize the selected design combination.

Puzl regularly creates and publishes new designs on its business platforms. Thanks to the technology of the website builder, any member may, in one click of his mouse fully change the appearance of his website, and this at all times.

Ready to become a Puzlist now? Feel free to share your customized product when done and inspire others to follow your lead!






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  1. Great post. I think Puzl is a helpful tool as most people are tired of the stress involved in creating a website with the so much html coding. Also being a free product makes it very attractive to those lacking financing for start-up initiatives. Thanks for sharing.

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