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quick & easyIf you want to get started making money online straight away, the following ideas are quick and easy – none of them are going to make your fortune, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Some of the links are global and you can sign up from wherever you may be, but wherever possible I have tailored the links for an Irish & UK market – most are easily changed by simply changing the .ie to .co.uk, .com, etc….

Ebay – Have a good clear out and get all your unwanted items up for sale. Other places to sell include Gumtree, DoneDeal, Adverts.ieAmazon, Musicmagpie (uk site, cash for CD’s, DVD’s, Mobile phones and games)

PTC (paid to click) – setting up an account with sites such as Clixsense is quick, easy and free, but if you want to make any decent revenue from it be prepared to put time into recruiting referrals.

Take part in surveys – The list to choose from is endless, I am signed up with Irish Opinions and so far no problems, other reputable sites are mysurvey and Toluna. If unsure about a survey site, remember not to pay for their services and also check out the money saving expert forum to see if they are mentioned on there.

Sign up to a cash back site such as Fatcheese or topcashback.co.uk, not strictly ways to earn money but you do get cash back on purchases you would be making anyway, and there are some no obligation free offers to get you started. If you sign up for any trial offers, please remember to cancel the offer before you start getting charged!

GPT (get paid to) sites such as Swagbucks will pay you for doing everyday stuff such as searching and playing games, again you will need to recruit referrals if you want decent payouts.

Start writing reviews on products you own –  Dooyoo is a good one to get started with. You will also receive bonuses when you recommend them to your friends.

Upload your photo’s, they don’t have to be award-winning shots, businesses are always looking for different things – textures such as bark and concrete are a good place to start. Shutterstock, fotolia, and istockphoto all pay if your picture is used.

Microjobs – get paid per task you complete, the average payout is 3c-10c per action after the initial *training mode* tasks. Most companies advertise on Amazon’s Mturk, the more hits you successfully complete, the more options become available to you. It can be anything from finding emails to categorizing tweets. Also try Microworkers.com

Get paid to write – Mylot.com pay for writing about anything that interests you, you can also accept tasks, get involved in discussions and rate other people’s posts, Mylot is very informal and lighthearted but If you can write expert “How-to” articles or good, solid reviews Ehow will pay for them, as will Helium (you can also accept freelancing tasks)

Sign up to Groupon and not only will you receive deals for up to 70% off your favourite things but also receive €6 for every person that signs up using your referral!

Can you  research and write quality articles to order or design twitter/facebook pages or could you offer virtual assistant services? If you can do any/all of these things then head to oDesk quick & easy or Elance.quick & easy  and sign up your services.

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