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Rate My Video: watch-rate-earn

Rate my video is a new site that allows users to be paid for watching and rating videos. It is a way for users to earn money almost totally passively, as there is little work involved, except having to rate the video after it has finished and switching to the next video.


How it works

Users have to visit the site ( and request an invitation. Currently, this can only be done through Facebook. After being accepted, users then have to install special plug in extension for the Google Chrome web browser in order to monitor the videos being viewed and rated. After the installation, users are presented with a list of videos which they can choose to watch and rate. After watching the video to the end, the user then must rate the video before moving on to the next one. The pay rate per video is different for each video, with some paying as little as 1 cent and others up to 50 cents, with the average seeming to hover around a few cents per video. There is a limit on how many videos can be watched daily, with users reporting starting off with 40 and then moving up to more. After at $10 has been accumulated, users can choose to cash out via Paypal.

There are several minor issues that have been noted with the site. Ratemyvideo is, apparently, only available in a few select countries, meaning that users outside of these countries cannot sign up for it. Also, access to those using the site is only with those who have had a Facebook account for at least 6 months or more. Some people may also be turned off by the fact that the sign up must be done through Facebook, possibly allowing the site administrators access to personal Facebook information. One important thing to note is that videos must be watched to the end before they can be rated, and thus be paid,

As the site is only a couple of months old, it seems that there are also some bugs to be worked out. Users have reported issues such as sometimes having to watch videos twice before they could move on, or had sign up issues. On a positive note, however, it seems that the administrators are quick to respond to customer issues or questions.



Ratemyvideo is a site with lots of potential for prospective customers to make money with very little work. However, users should keep in mind that it will take a bit of time to accumulate a decent amount of money, and note that there may be a few “growing pains” issues with the new site.




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