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Replicate, Duplicate, Then Do It Again!

So, you making money online yet?

make money

If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing not. Why not? It’s quick, easy & totally free to make money online, getting rich making money online is another story – but you gotta start somewhere, right?

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, you can’t make money online if you don’t take action. The method I’m going to give below will give immediate results and get that first payment into your PayPal account, today!

Often times that first, crucial payment is all you need to realise that not all money making schemes on the internet are total scams and a waste of time.

When I first started trying to make money online, I joined forums, read ebooks and blogs until my eyes hurt; then I read some more. Some I thought were interesting, some even workable – hell I even joined up to a couple of promising sites!

Then I realised I hadn’t made a penny? Quite logical really – considering I hadn’t actually done anything except read about how to make money online!

My quick, easy & free Money Making Method:

The method here is simple, you are going to make money from one site then replicate and duplicate your earnings with referrals, don’t worry it’s not MLM or a scam pyramid scheme!

The site I’m going to use as an example is Postloop, for a number of reasons:

  • I’ve done this (still do), so I know it works.
  • They pay out within 24hrs, so long as you have reached the $5 threshold.
  • The work is simple, all you need are good English grammar skills.
  • The rewards are comparatively excellent for this type of work.
  • Getting referrals is easy, because of the above!

You don’t have to use Postloop if forum and blog commenting aren’t your thing, most of the GPT, PTC and survey sites have referral systems. if not using Postloop then Swagbucks would probably be my second choice, but you will have to work harder and longer for the same sort of pay out. Take a look at my article on Get Paid Today if none of the above float your boat! Some sites with referral systems have payment tiers up to 5 deep, but watch out for the scams – do some research before you waste any time on sites with big promises!

I’m not going to do a full tutorial on Postloop, you can find one here if you don’t know what it is.

Step by Step: How to Make Money Online Today with this Method

  1.  Sign up with Postloop for free here
  2. Complete your test posts (take your time and put some effort in to ensure a good ranking, you get paid more with a higher rank!)
  3. Sign up with at least 20 different blogs and forums (sorry, this bit is really time-consuming and boring, but you only have to do it once). Bookmark them in a folder called Postloop or similar so you don’t lose track.
  4. Get posting! By my calculations (and based on my rank of 3.8) you will need to make around 60 posts to get paid out. Some forums and blogs have a limit of 3-5 comments a day, which is why I suggested signing up to around 20.
  5. Request payment when you have 100 points.
  6. Check your PayPal account.
  7. Shout about it from the rooftops!!! Grab your referral link and hit everyone you know with it, now that you have proof of earnings you’ll find it easier to convince others.
  8. Once you’ve got everyone you know to sign up under you, get everyone you don’t know to do the same. Find every free advertising method you can to get your link out (some ideas at the bottom of this post).
  9. Here’s where it gets interesting: Replicate and duplicate: You will earn 20% of all points that your referrals earn, so if you earn $5 a day and teach 10 referrals to each earn $5 a day too that’s a sweet $15 a day for you, of which $10 is on autopilot.
  10. Voila! You have sewn the seeds of your own money making tree!

Of course, not all of your referrals will be earning that much, some will sign up just to see what’s going on, or under pressure because you made them! Some will start well and then fizzle out.

Once you get a referral, teach them your methods so that they can duplicate what you have done. Don’t just leave them to sink or swim.The great thing about Postloop is that you can message your referrals, so make use of this feature and check that they aren’t stuck on a technical issue or don’t understand how it works, etc.

replicate duplicate teach

Show them step by step how to earn $10 a day on autopilot, because guess what? When you do that, you will be earning 20%!

So now you see, in theory, how you can be earning over $100 a week through quick, easy and totally legit online money making methods, and that’s with just one site.

Once you have your routine established it’s time to expand your efforts or move on to the next method. Do not move on to the next money making methods too soon though, this is the mistake I made so many times and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting anywhere.

If you use this idea to make your first few dollars online, let me know how it goes for you.

And, as always, if you found this article helpful, be an angel and share the love!

make money

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Make today the first day that you make money online – Take a note, you may be writing about it in your “How I made a Million Online” e-book soon!!


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