Research Cheap Flights

If you have nimble Google fingers and can route out a good bargain, you could possibly earn over $60 and hour from home by simply finding cheap flights for users on Flightfox.

The experts on Flightfox compete against each other to find the best flights for the sight users. Searches will often involve multi stop trips and hard to reach destinations.

First, users start a contest by providing their flight requirements and setting a finder’s fee. Then the experts compete to find the best flights and cheapest deals. The site user then chooses a winner and pays the fee.

This site is brand new, so for now the competition won’t be too bad, but if it takes off you could well be up against experts that have developed scripts and cheats to find the cheapest flights, with this in mind please be aware that you are not guaranteed to make any money; you may well lose a lot more contests than you win and end up wasting a lot of time searching.

There are easier ways to make money from home, but if you are naturally competitive and a good researcher then this could prove quite a profitable way to make money online for free.

It’s free to request an approval as an expert, so give it a go and see how you get on.

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