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If you have a true, real-life story to tell you can sign up at and have an experienced journalist by the name of Alison Smith-Squire review it and offer her personal recommendations for you, for free. Each story you have accepted for publication could earn you anything up to £6,000.00 (if your story involves a celebrity or shocking scandal, that’s a whole new ball game! Contact Alison Smith-Squire via Featureworld for advice).

After reading your story, Alison will tell you the best place to submit to, and also give you an idea of how much money it may be worth. You can rest assured that you will be in safe hands, and the worry is taken out of dealing with huge corporations as this is a truly personal service.

Your article begins it’s journey on the form found on the website, from there Alison will personally review it and contact you if she feels it has potential. You then tell her the full story (usually by telephone and in full confidence) and send any related photographs you may have (including one of yourself if you are happy with that). Alison then writes the story out professionally and lets you approve it before submitting to the chosen magazine or newspaper. A photographer from the magazine may wish to visit you for further photo’s.

If your feature is printed payment will be sent via cheque around four to six weeks after the story is printed, directly to you. Featureworld do not take any of your fee as commission, they are paid separately by the publication for writing your story.

Alison set up to offer her services as a go-between media agent for people who wanted to sell their story to women’s magazines and national newspapers. Today Featureworld is well-known and respected  in the media industry as one of the most trusted providers of real life and news stories to Lifestyle Magazines and National Newspapers. She offers this tailored, personal service completely free of charge to the public.

Your story can be a double page feature spread, or just a couple of paragraphs. Either way you will still be given the same priority and service.

Even if you don’t have a true-life story to tell, but would still like the chance to get your name in print, you can join the mailing list. You will then be able to get the totally free, regular newsletter that Alison sends out to your inbox with info on all the features she is currently working on herself, and you choose if you would like to participate in any of them.

If your story is interesting enough, or happens to be on a topic that television producers are researching, Featureworld will also guide you through the chance to appear on topical programs such as This Morning, Jeremy Kyle, GMTV, etc.

Be sure to join the Featureworld casting directory for your chance to appear on TV (this service is free) and you could earn some extra money by contributing to National Newspapers or from being  a TV or film extra, or even maybe making an appearance reality TV.

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