September Goals and Accountablity

Do you have your goals set for September?

No goals = no accountability = no motivation = no business = no money!

goalsMy goals for September with Show Me Some Money are:

  • To get daily visits up to an average of 300 per day, rather than 300 being a good day. If I can work on the quality of my posts and getting more traffic then the beginning of 2013 should be looking pretty bright!
  • I will stop being quite so obsessed with stats and rankings and actually get some work done.
  • I aim to post new articles to this site twice per week.
  • Get at least one new product up per day on my other site and develop the domain that I bought but haven’t yet turned into a site.
  • I am going to make enough money to have a professional designer improve the look and layout of thereallycoolstuff.com
  • I am going to make the tough decision I’m struggling with as to whether or not to let The Baby Checklist go.
  • I’m going to throw myself into my SFI business and try to get at least two more PSA’s in my downline as well as generating some Tripleclicks sales.
  • I’m going to be more confident at asking for help.
  • I am going to learn to log off by 8pm, and not come back to check until the next morning, not even a sneaky peek at Google Analytics real time view!

That’s about it for me, nothing too drastic and all do-able if I just get stuck in!

Will September be the month that you start making (more) money?

Let me know your goals for this month, and get some accountability going.

At the end of the month we can see if the goals set have been achieved, and also set our new goals for October.

If this month’s goals didn’t quite go to plan, it will be a good opportunity for a bit of team brainstorming to work out why, and what you could do differently next month.


“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.”            

-Earl Nightingale

4 thoughts on “September Goals and Accountablity

  1. Hi Lisa, I have been blogging part time for several years now, and have just recently decided to try to make some money from it. The biggest problem I’m having with that is trying to figure out which niche/authority to head into. I have such a variety of interests that it is hard to choose which one. Much like your MIS and SOD. When I confer with my blogger friends about whether to go with one blog that has several different categories, or several blogs that just focus on the one main topic there seems to be a variety of opinions. On the one hand I think it would be difficult to create a lot of great content on a regular and frequent basis on the individual subjects, but for me to be typing about all of the interests on just one blog might be overwhelmingly confusing. What are your thoughts on that?

    • Personally I would go with the one blog and several categories, as long as they can tie into one general topic overall. You will find writing for it (and getting guest authors) a lot easier over time. Also you will find ranking for lots of long tail keywords is a lot easier, and people will want to stay on the site for a longer amount of time – not just grab what they came for and leave!
      I had a guest author write an excellent article on this subject last week, his opinion is definitely to go with the authority site, and he really knows what he’s talking about!

      A Personal story about making money online from building ncihe sites to building authority sites

      Building a large following and an email list will be easier with an authority site, which is what us bloggers are ultimately chasing..
      On the other hand your following may be smaller with a niche site, but they will be more loyal (and more likely to buy!)
      Have you written down all the pros and cons? What are the keyword numbers like for the smaller niches you have in mind?

  2. Hi Lisa. Great reminder of how important our goals are, especially in this business. You have motivated me to set some new short term goals for Sep, but also some longer short term goals by the new year.

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