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September Results & October Goals

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Five days into October already! The month is flying by, so I guess it’s time to report on last month’s September Goals and prepare for the month ahead..

Let’s see how last month went for Show Me Some Money:

  • Daily visits up to 300 – Done, and exceeded! The best day was over 500, and even resulted in a rather lovely message from Google telling me to keep up the good work and replicate this progress on other popular posts – Given that most visitors are still looking for a lightbulb I might try something different!
  • site stats septStop being so obsessed with stats – Well as you can see from above, that one is a big fat fail!
  • Post new articles twice a week – September saw 10 new articles on Show Me Some Money, so job done.
  • Make enough money to develop a different site professionally – Fail! Although I did discover the Pinsomo theme and am happy with that!
  • Log off by 8pm – Not a hope!
  • Develop SFI business – Mixed results there, didn’t get the PSA’s I was hoping for but did a lot of work which will make that happen for sure this month! Doubled the previous months earnings so overall good progress.
  • Alexa ranking up from 1.2 million to 550k – Fantastic progress! Alexa rankings for all of the other sites are heading in the right direction too.

There was more, but the overall progress was good but not great, which leaves plenty of room for improvement in October.

Money wise things are beginning to look brighter:

  • $80 in the Clickbank account from Show Me Some Money sales (I think one of the sales may have been from accidentally using my own affiliate link to purchase the Pinsomo Theme though, oops!)
  • $10 from SFI – Sounds pretty awful, but it was more than double the previous month’s earnings so it’s progress in the right direction.
  • $5 from Affiliate Window – Again not brilliant, but it is my first commission from a new Affiliate site, so I’m really pleased..Such a buzz to see an actual sale!
  • $0.47 from Postlinks – I don’t do anything for this, just accept comments to be posted, but I may let this go, it really isn’t worth it until my page rank increases.
  • $5.61 from Google Adsense

October Goals:

If you are still not setting your daily, weekly, monthly or long-term goals you need to make it your top priority today!

Setting goals and publishing them for the world to see totally changes your mindset, and really gets the fire in your belly going that you need for success.

If you need some support, encouragement or just somewhere to publish your goals, head over to the ZZZ Profits Forum and join us there. You will not be judged, but you can ask for advice if you are not meeting your goals.

My October Goals:

  • More great content on all of my sites, from myself and guest authors.
  • Update the About and Resources pages on this site.
  • A combined income of $200 from all sites.
  • 5 new, active PSA’s from SFI.
  • Begin outsourcing work on 2 sites so I can concentrate making this one and the 2 others as good as I possibly can.
  • Enjoy it!

How did everyone else do in September?

Top of the List comes Pat at Smart Passive Income – $55,799.51

Ana Hoffman at Traffic Generation Cafe $1951 (August stats)

Adsense Flippers –  $19,164

How I Make Money Blogging.– $13,674

Feeling brave enough to add your site to the list of income disclosures yet?

Did you achieve what you set out to do in September? Are you proud of your efforts?

Let me know!





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