a goal is a dream with a deadline

Smart Ways to Use Your Blog to Break Into Freelance Writing

a goal is a dream with a deadlineFreelance writing is a great way to make money online; everyone knows that. But this avenue of work intimidates many people, believing that they need to have extensive experience in writing to break into the field. The truth is, if you have a blog, you have a chance to make some money by writing online.

The most important thing a freelance writer can do is demonstrate his or her ability to write. Whether you blog about alcohol rehab treatment centers or trapeze artists, your online space acts as a writing portfolio to potential freelance clients. Here’s how to capitalize on it.

Blog About What You Want to Write About

Say you are hoping to land a paid online gig writing about health and fitness. If you don’t have any experience in the field, that’s a strike against you. But if you’ve been documenting your 50-pound weight loss on a blog over the past year, then that’s tangible evidence that you have expertise in this area.

Real-world experience is very valuable to publications, and they’ll be more likely to hire you if you can demonstrate this through your blog. If you have contacts in this field, display them on the blog as well to let potential clients know that you have valuable resources to draw on.

Show Your Value

Online publications highly value people who can drive traffic to their posts. You can prove your worth to the publication you’re pitching by highlighting your page views or explaining how you pumped up traffic to a particular post.

Another highly valuable resource is your social media following. These days publications aren’t just concerned about how well you write; they want you to come to them with your own added value in the form of followers. If you have 2,000 Twitter followers, you’re more likely to get a gig than a blogger with 200.

Target Wisely

In attempting to find your paid gigs, think very hard about what makes you valuable. Do you write about a niche that very few people care about or is your blog more widely accessible? You might be a valuable resource in your niche, or you might be better off pursuing more general writing opportunities.

It’s a good idea to have three or four publications that you’d like to write for in mind. Study what type of posts they put up and see how your blogging compares. If you see a lot of similarities, you’ll probably have a good chance of getting the job. But if you have a fun, sarcastic vibe and the publication you target is more serious, you may be better off finding a new target.

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