Standing Out: Why Creative Startups Succeed

There are many new businesses appearing every year, but only those that are truly creative and innovative will have the staying power to turn themselves into a profitable business.

A creative business is one that doesn’t conform to the standard type of business. Instead of doing the same thing that hundreds of other companies are doing, they create something entirely different or take a standard idea and add a unique twist. Take Peapod for example. Instead of starting another grocery chain and competing with all the other brick and mortar grocery chains out there, they decided to create a virtual grocery store that delivers—and it’s gained a lot of attention and been a successful business.

So what makes these creative businesses so sustainable?

They offer something unique.

Too  many companies try to piggyback off of one another. Most businesses are trying to create something that’s already been done, and unless they bring something new and unique to the table, it’s not going to be successful. If you truly want to start a business, take the time to think of an idea that nobody has yet to think of. This is how you will generate interest, and this is how you’ll stick around.

They offer something people want.

Creative companies take the time to thoroughly think about the product or service that they’re offering, and they tailor it so that it becomes something that people will actually buy, use and buy again. If you create a product or service that doesn’t interest anyone, you’ll have a very hard time becoming successful, but if you think outside the box, yet keep it realistic, you’ll easily gain a large following.

They’re not afraid to take risks.

Most successful business owners have failed before in their endeavors, and those individuals who start a creative business are not afraid to take risks. They’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, and it’s this dedication and fearlessness that will help propel them into success.

They market creatively.

When a company has a truly unique idea, they tend to also find ways to market their business creatively. These unique marketing tactics tend to stand out from their competitors, and they also resonate well with their audience. People will be more inclined to remember the crazy and off the wall marketing collateral that they saw compared to the standard, every day marketing collateral that they see every day. When a business can stand out and do something truly unique, they’ll put their company fresh in the minds of the customers, giving them a higher chance of earning business.

They’re passionate about their business.

When a business owner has a very unique idea, they become more excited to turn it into a reality. This means that they’re more excited and motivated to get the company launched, and they’re more excited and motivated to sell the products and services. This enthusiasm will help propel them to reach the customers they need to reach and market the company effectively. And it’s this dedication and commitment that will fuel success.

Jacob Smith is an entrepreneur and small business owner.  He often blogs about advice for business startups and customer interaction tips.

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