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I spent a good few hours on this one today, and at the end I’ve earnt 60 swag bucks, for 6,333 sb you can get $50 paid into your paypal account…

now i’m no maths whizz but that seems like a hell of a lot of work!

perhaps it’s easier if you get some referals going?

would be interesting to hear if anyone has made a success of this one 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Swag Bucks

  1. I’ve never spent that long on Swagbucks. A couple hours would drive me crazy :shock:. At most, I’ve spent 30 minutes, but I usually only spend 5 mins there these days. I do the daily poll (1 swagbuck), the NOSO (2 swagbucks), swag codes, and a search which gets me anywhere from 6 swagbucks to 33 swagbucks if I’m lucky. I also

    When I was more active there, I used to make $10-$20 a month, but nowadays I’m OK with £5 a month or every other month.

    I think if you frequent Swagbucks’ Facebook page, it might help you earn more bucks as you’ll be clued up on what’s earning people points. You could also attempt the Crowdflower tasks; those are good, especially the casino ones. If you can do a batch of those, you’ll reach the level you need to cash out a lot faster.

    Good luck.

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