The Rise and Fall of Digg

Digg, once the darling of start-up world, has sold its brand and its Web site to the New York-based technology company Betaworks. The deal closes the final chapter on the story of Digg’s meteoric rise and ultimate decline.
In a blog post announcing the deal, Betaworks — which makes the popular app — said it will be returning the company to its roots.
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From a Post on BlackHatWorld:

The small selling price just goes to show how quickly fortunes can turn for even the hottest web startups. According to The Wall Street Journal, Digg took more than $45 million from investors since launching in 2004.

They turned down a $200 million buyout from Google just 4 years ago!

The real lesson for lots of dot com idealists is……When google-microsoft-facebook etc offer you a truck load of money for your website you should rip their arm off..Websites have less loyalty than restaurants…all it takes is a redesign or new format before you decide to not bother with a site you have frequenting for years..  It’s not as if there isn’t a couple of thousand new sites to choose from every day.

While I would gladly welcome an offer from Google for this site (they could even knock a few 0’s off!), this is very sad news for the founders of Digg, who obviously poured their hearts and soul into this venture.

It just affirms that NO ONLINE BUSINESS IS EVER COMPLETELY SAFE. Once you have made a success of your Home Business or Online Money Making method,  always ensure your future financial security does not rest solely on that success.

Do not keep your eggs in one basket, put every single finger in a different pie and come up with as many cliche’s as possible to ensure your success!

What would happen to your Email list if Gmail or Hotmail closed the doors, your review site if Amazon went bust, your #1 ranked Niche Blog if it didn’t meet Google’s standards in the next algorithm updates, your MLM business when the guys at the top of the pyramid retire to the Bahamas?

Tip for longevity in the world of money making online:

Succeed – outsource – automate – find a new method – succeed – outsource – automate…

NEVER rest on your laurels when the fragility and fickleness of the Internet is concerned!

See my Tips for success page for more solid advice to make sure you aren’t left up sh!t creek without a paddle!!

*****And with that I’m off to back up my sites before Bluehost goes belly up!*****

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