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The Trials and Tribulations of Building a Reward Company

Qmee is a start-up that has developed a browser app that lets you earn money online for everyday searches. It works in Amazon, EBay, Google, Yahoo and Bing, offering alternative search results with rewards attached. Users can still click on the Google result, or click on the Qmee result and earn a reward for something they were going to do anyway.


Qmee rewards aren’t points or fake money – they are real cash amounts that add up in an online piggy bank. They appear instantly and you can cash out to PayPal or donate to charity. Watch this very short video to see how it works:


The Qmee story:


Unlike most companies, we didn’t begin with a product, we began with a purpose. All too often we see online companies selling out their user base in return for advertising spend. It lines their pockets, but then the experience for the user becomes diminished as the online tools they use get plastered with links to websites they don’t even want to visit. And what does the user get out of all this? So our purpose was to give the users as much back as they give to us, and share the revenues from advertisers. We want to give people something that they can trust, value and ultimately get the same rewards as big brands through time spent online.


Building the technology to do that wasn’t easy. After testing out numerous ways of putting together a solid tech team who could deliver great work in good time, we settled on a great in-house team headed up by Damon Morgan, who was someone we had our eye on for a long time. As something of a veteran in his field, Damon was an ambitious approach but once we’d convinced him of what we wanted to do, it was an easy sell. We’re proud to continue working with Damon to this date and his technical knowledge has been one of the main pillars of our success. Building the technology, building the team and nailing down the perfect functionality of our app was no easy process, but in the end, we couldn’t have been happier with what we have.


Offering someone cash for doing something they already do, and where they don’t have to change their behaviour, is a harder sell than you’d imagine. The cynicism around these types of ventures is born of a history of companies building expectation to only let users down at the final hurdle. They are told they can get the reward, maybe can even see the reward, but then something “goes wrong.”  Convincing people we were actually going to fill their piggy banks with cash that they could cash out whenever they wanted to meant we had to get people on board that were accepting of any kinks we had in the early stages, and who had a voice that carried trust. However, we don’t want to end our relationships with bloggers or journalists. Whether you’ve got a blog, write for The Guardian or only speak to your imaginary friend, if you’re using Qmee, you’ve got our attention.


We want to make users central towards the decision-making process within our business. Whilst we aren’t going to let everyone run wild on our beloved business, the direction we move in is going to be hugely influenced by the feedback of our users more than any other factor. We want to weed out the valuable ideas from the passing conversation and implement them the next day if we can! Like many digital services, our user base is central towards our success, but we’re not trying to squeeze them for our own personal gain. As our business improves, we hope the rewards they gain will also improve.

We’re constantly adding new features, making sure users are getting more relevant results and being able to claim even more rewards. Like anyone else, we can’t guarantee a flawless product, 100% uptime or 24-hour customer support, but what we can guarantee values that put our users first, and that they will always be at the center of what we do.

It’s been a tough journey so far as we have worked really hard to make the technology work for our users, but we are on the way to contributing towards providing a better experience for others.

Guest post on behalf of Qmee  – Don’t change what you do, change what you get!


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    • Hello Ben,

      Have you received your invite yet? If not, I’ll see if I can pull a few strings to get you on board 😉



    • Thanks for the comment Ben, I’ve been trying Qmee out and so far so good, it’s very unobtrusive and they are also introducing a referral scheme which will help boost your earnings 🙂

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