Tips For Working From Home As A Lawyer

An ever growing trend, working from home has presented itself as a new option to several professions recently. More and more lawyers are finding that working from home is a viable and attractive possibility. Here are some tips to keep you productive running your practice from home.

Don’t Cut Back Or Overdo Client Meetings

Despite making the switch to an at home office, very little about your client-attorney relationship and meeting schedule should change. That is to say, working at home should never prevent you from meeting with your clients as regularly as you did before, nor should it mean that you meet with them more often than you did. Clients should not feel free to stop by, but instead schedule a time to meet with you. You should have a space in your home where you work from and meet in that doesn’t feel much different from an in-office meeting room. You should avoid offering your clients the same commodities you would a guest to your home. That’s not to say make them feel uncomfortable, but keep in mind that setting a business tone is the first step in getting business done.

Watch The Clock

Whether you charge an hourly rate or a flat fee make sure to monitor your own time expenditure. One of the biggest challenges about working from home is having others take your time as seriously as they would if you were working out of an office. No part of working from home means working less or working less hard, and one way to make this known is to keep track of how you spend your time. It can be helpful to have organized records of your time and what you spent it on readily available for clients, to make the working from home situation even more transparent. Doing something like this helps build and maintain trust between clients attorneys.

Knock Out Early Morning Distractions

Shower, breakfast, take the dog out, drop the kids off at school, start a load of laundry. No matter what your morning demands of you don’t let yourself be tricked into putting it off just because you don’t have an office to be late to. Do the exact same things you would, in the same time span, were you in a rush to get to the office by nine. Starting in on some of your work before having finished the morning’s duties can leave you preoccupied with unfinished tasks and unfocused on whatever you are trying to accomplish. While there isn’t a dress code at your home, set one for yourself. Maybe you dress differently on days you’re planning to meet with clients, but on the days you aren’t still make sure you’re wearing clothes that put you in the right mindset: get things done!

Make Sure You’re Equipped

Working from home is no excuse not to have the documents, supplies and tools you’d normally need to run your practice smoothly. Before committing to working at home check into any special permits you’ll need to take court documents home with you. If your home is located in a different state than the majority of your clients, be sure that there aren’t any cross-state laws or taxes that will apply to your from-home practice. On an easier, but important note, keep your home office stocked with the things you needed before you work from home. Ink cartridges run out; expect it and prepare for it.

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