Top Ways to Make Money Online

There are hundreds of ways to Make Money Online.

One of the top questions asked on Money Making Forums has got to be how can i make money online – or what’s the best/fastest/easiest way to make money online?

These questions really are all separate issues, so if you want to make money online, you must first be totally honest with yourself, think about the amount of effort you are willing to put in, and how much time you can realistically dedicate to your new venture. The top online earners really do WORK for a living – probably from dawn well into the night! It’s only after around 5 or more years of building your empire, enduring epic failures, sleepless nights and all the rest of the ups and downs that starting a business entails that you will be able to sit back and write your story of HOW I MAKE A SIX FIGURE INCOME and make it seem easy to the newcomers, and thereby earning your next six figures!

“It takes money to make money” – Does it? Or does it simply take guts, a thick skin, determination, ambition, time & effort?

Ok so let’s break the questions of How to Make Money Online down a little:

What Is The Best Way to Make Money Online?

Remember this is not going to be the quickest or easiest way to Make Money Online! This list is not in any particular order and the opinions expressed are purely my own, based on my own research when first starting my journey to make money with the internet.

1. Build a great Website or Forum I’m not talking your average blog here – Think more Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, Mashable, Shoemoney, Digital Point, Warrior Forum, Digg….

Mashable is reported to make over half a million dollars in Adsense Revenue per month alone. Read more on the top adsense earners here first came to being in 2003, it’s founder, Martin Lewis, totally believed in what he was trying to achieve and lives and breathes his cause. The hard work paid off earlier this year when the site was sold for over £80m.

Of course you could always just strike it lucky like Instagram (recently bought by Facebook for $1billion). Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that really take off, just look at Pinterest!

All of the above mentioned sites, and other successes just like them all have one thing in common – They all offer something of value to the user.

2. The List There really is no getting away from this one, with the list comes great power – ok so I’m getting a little over dramatic – but a big email mailing list will make a huge difference in your earnings potential. How you build your list is your choice – beg, borrow, steal, buy, build, swap..just get one! The really big Guru’s and top entrepreneurs have lists numbering by the tens of thousands.

Once you’ve built your list, you need to keep it (there is always an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email, you don’t want people clicking that!). Don’t JUST send out sales pages, only try to sell something every 5th Email or so  – make the others newsletters, free tips & advice or just some fun facts relating to your niche.

3. Develop Your Own Products This could be anything from a great how-to guide or manual to software or automation tools. Once you have successfully developed your product, sales can be achieved from your List (see above), Site (see above!) or with affiliates. Using affiliates to sell your products leaves you free to begin the next project, if you seriously want to be up there with the Top Internet earners, this process doesn’t stop – Until, of course you find yourself in a position to start telling people how to Make Money Online…

4. Coaching & Mentoring Once you have known success as an online entrepreneur or Guru and gained a reputation as such, you may then be in a position to offer your services to other upcoming entrepreneurs. The top coaches and mentors charge up to $10k for their services, and will only hand-pick a chosen few students.

5. YouTube Partners Shane Dawson – a young comedian from California earns a reported  $315, 000 a year from advertising on his YouTube videos. Don’t be fooled, there is a very select few making this kind of money from YouTube, check them out here.

6. Affiliate Marketing Once again the success you find with this is going to depend on the size and how well your list is targeted, and on the quality of content on your website. There are literally millions of products to choose from to promote, and hundreds of Affiliate sites. Choose a few products that you truly believe in and have tested if possible, and stick with just one or two affiliate programmes and develop a great relationship with them.

7. Blogging In keeping with the great website idea, comes the great blog – this MUST provide valuable information or entertainment and genuinely help the reader to solve a problem, if you’re just in it for the money it really will come across in your posts. Check the likes of PerezHilton, HuffingtonPost, TMZ and BusinessInsider.

8. Ebay Trading The traders at the very top of this ladder consistently earn over $150,000 a month, read a thorough review here

9. SEO Services This new phenomenon of wanting to make money online, blogging and niche websites has led to a boom in SEO (search engine optimization) services, everyone wants their new site to rank #1 on Google! The hardest part of this venture has to be getting your own site to rank well, who’s going to hire you if you can’t even manage that!? The next hurdle is building a great team around you.

10. Web Design Again this business is booming because of the 1000’s of unemployed turning to the internet as a way to make some money. Companies are churning out dozen’s of niche websites a week to the *newbies* looking to make a quick buck from home.

The Guru’s at the very top of their game will have not only a fantastic website, but also the forum, blog, email list and products. They have their profitable “in the moment” businesses, and also several forms of passive income. Top earners never keep all their eggs in one basket, they network and research daily, build a solid team around them, upscale, outsource and automate where possible and most importantly of all THEY NEVER GAVE UP!

What’s the Quickest way to Make Money Online

The quickest way to make money online is probably by doing something between totally illegal or at least little unethical (“black hat”). Search the forums if this appeals to you.

There is also the option of risking HYIP (high yield investment programmes), pyramid & ponzi schemes. People making money at this are always at the top levels, get in early and get out before the ship sinks! Personally I don’t like the idea of taking other people’s hard-earned cash by issuing empty promises and giving false hope so no more about this one!

Check out our Emergency Cash and Get Paid Today pages for more quick money making methods.

What’s the Easiest way to Make Money Online

The easiest way to make money online is by simply doing something you enjoy. If you really believe in and enjoy what you are doing, it won’t even feel like work at all.

Love Cocker Spaniels? Create a Blog or Forum all about them!

Love make up? Make a review site full of your favourite products or sell Avon.

Bit of a geek into coding? Create fabulous websites to sell!

Could you sell coal to a miner, sand in the desert or salt to a slug? You’re a natural-born Internet Marketer!

The possibilities and opportunities really are endless, all that holds you back are your own limits – You Are Not an Elephant!


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