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Totally free ways to make money online

free ways to make moneyFirst up – if you’re still searching “free ways to make money online” or similar into Google, WOAH! Doing that is not going to make you any money, the only way to make money online is to take action.

Make it your goal to take action, and do it now!

There’s literally thousands of How to Make Money Online lists littered around the internet; most are categorised by type, so just to be a little different, this article is going to list different ways to make money online according to goal.

So – What’s your goal? In order to take action right now you are going to need to know this. There’s not much point deciding you need to support your family of six and want to get rich when you’re halfway through your 18th survey of the day and made $12 in the process…

What you need vs What you want

One internet marketer who really knows her stuff is Erica Douglas from, she’s one of the few who have actually “made it” in the world of online money making and normally I hang on to every word she says (anyone who can stay on top of Google consistently for keywords like make money online must surely know what they’re doing!).

I have to say though that one of her recent posts on first reading was somewhat confusing; Playing to fail, my first thought was: “surely working out what you want is a lot easier when you already have what you need?” Reading through again, rather than skimming, shows that it is a lot more thought through than that, and shows exactly why she’s a firm favourite with big G! A fantastic article and well worth a read if you are still undecided which path to take.

With all that said and done; If you need an extra $200 to make the rent or feed the kids this month, finding the cure for cancer probably hasn’t even crossed your mind for a few days. We can all want to change the world, once we have the basic needs of a roof over our heads and food in our bellies:

Ok, so small steps – what do you need? For me it’s financial idependance. I’m not in a dire situation (yet) so fortunately I have the luxury of thinking in the long-term and building a home business around my chosen source of income; affiliate marketing. I have a goal of £400 a week set for this dream to become reality, filling surveys and ptc sites really aren’t going to cut the mustard with this one.

Once you have got what you need – what do you want? World peace! I jest, but my wants are at least 2 years in the making, so plenty of time for the dreams to change, and grow!

For now I just want to grow multiple streams of income, create some awesome products and have other people selling them for me while I sit in the sun enjoying my passive income, earning while I sleep. Oh! and driving the R8 received as a gift from MOC (silly goose actually put it in writing, and I believe it may well be legally binding :D).

Time to get to the

Totally Free Ways to Make Money Online!

All well and good, but what you really came to this article for was totally free ways to make money, so let’s get on with the nitty-gritty of getting you some money!

This is a long list so I’ve spread it over a few pages to make navigation a little easier:

  • Part 1 (this one) Intro: Deciding what you need and what you want.
  • Part 2: When you need to make a set amount of money within a certain time frame.
  • Part 3: A little extra at the end of the month for luxuries.
  • Part 4: A part-time income.
  • Part 5: A full-time income to support yourself
  • Part 6: A full-time income to support a family
  • Part 7: Livin’ the dream!


Part 2: A Certain Goal

money worriesYou may need some extra cash for Christmas, some spends for the summer holidays or even have a credit card bill that needs clearing. Whatever your needs, you want a certain amount of cash in a restricted amount of time:

First thing is to work out how much you need and how much time you have to get it. Narrow it down to the weekly amount that you need to reach.

This is probably the easiest totally free way to make money online:

  • Have a thorough clear out and sell absolutely everything you don’t need or haven’t used in the last 6 months. If you are a bit of a hoarder and find it difficult to be ruthless then rope in some friends who won’t have the same sentimental attachment to your belongings. See more about selling your stuff for extra cash here.
  • Go through the classifieds and check out the stuff in the free section, you’ll be amazed! Go collect it, give it a spruce up (Up Cycling/Free Cycling) and get it back on the classifieds, only not in the free section!
  • Broker Stuff (buy low, sell high) – This could be anything from articles, websites and domain names to cars, boats and even houses!
  • Scour the wanted ads in classifieds and forums and find yourself a buyer, then go hunting for a seller of what they want and offer to match them up, for a small price. This works best with high-end products. A finder’s fee is commonn practise in business.
  • If you have an eBay and PayPal account, source out a drop shipper with a good reputation and start selling.


Part 3: Extra Cash For Luxuries

shoppingYou may be one of the lucky ones that already has a full-time job that brings you in enough money to get by every month, but even so an extra $200-$400 would be nice for a few treats!

Work out how many hours a week you can realistically dedicate to make money online, and then a realistic amount per hour you can expect to earn ($10 is probably reasonable if you don’t have specific skills).

So for say $100 per week, you are going to need to work for 10 hrs, or 2hrs 5 days a week..

  • Fiverr/UFavor Gigs
  • Forum Posting
  • Freelancing
  • Selling Crafts
  • Solve problems
  • Surveys
  • Cash Back
  • GPT

Mix n match a few of the above until you find what works for you. Or try out this free money making idea to give your income a boost.


Part 4: A Part-Time Income

Working to make money online part-time can be very rewarding and enjoyable. assuming you are going to be putting in around 20hrs per week, there’s no reason why you couldn’t earn $200 a week or more using the sums above as an example.

Blogging is a great way to make money part-time and create a steady flow of cash per month. You can expect to earn up to $200 or more a week from a well maintained blog.

You may choose to monetize your blog with PPC (pay-per-click ads such as adsense), affiliate products or sponsored posts. Check out Dragon Blogger’s awesome post on how to make money from your blog.

Freelancing is a great way to make use of skills you already have and make money at the same time.

Network Marketing can be a good way to make money by only working part-time, but you do need to know what you are getting into and research what the work involves. I am currently building a part-time income with SFI

If you prefer the idea of selling without having the pressure of recruiting a down-line in order to make money online, perhaps direct sales could be more up your alley? Try Avon, Scensty, Ann Summers, Oriflame or PartyLife, but beware that some of these have start-up costs involved.

 Part 5: A Full-Time Income to Support Yourself

over workedCreating a full-time income from the internet is not so different from making money part-time, with the exception of added hours and more work!

If you want to make money full-time online, then you must be prepared to actually work full-time, that’s at least 40 hours per week, at least if you are looking for totally free ways to make money online to begin with.

It takes a lot of self belief and a certain amount of stubbornness to succeed in making a full-time income online. Those that have ever been called crazy or daft by their family and friends when they started out on their journey, or endured the blank stares when they explained what they were doing will understand this.

There are a select few who took that crazy and succeeded, and turned it into a full-time income. Be one of those people who don’t get discouraged when others just can’t or won’t understand.

I’m talking about making enough money to live on as a single person here, with figures of $400-$600 in mind:

You could begin with the basic blog as above, but to achieve a full-time income from it you will need to either create lots of them or consider building authority sites.

Lots of freelance writers earn a good living from writing content for blogs or ebooks to sell. Check out Diane Ziomek’s blog for some awesome tips for aspiring authors.

Webstie flipping, brokerage and eBay trading are also worth looking into.


Part 6: A Full-Time Income to Support a family

burn outThis is simply a matter of realising what works for you and then finding ways to outsource, scale-up and automate your efforts.

Success will not happen overnight and in reality you will need a 2-5 year long-term plan, just as you would when building any business from scratch.

See my succes tips for more details on this.


 Part 7: Livin’ The Dream – Make Money while you sleep

living the dreamAdmit it, you skipped straight to this part didn’t you? You thought I was going to give you my top-secret Six Figure Income overnight formula? Ah well, better luck next time 😉

The two main differences between making a full-time income from internet money making methods and living the dream from your internet riches are really quite simple:

1. Selling other people’s amazing products can bring you in a substantial amount of money every month…

Having truck loads of affiliates queuing up to sell your amazing products is really the only difference between making money online and making a fortune online.

2. Making enough money online to support yourself and your family is a fantastic achievement, but what happens when you stop, or things go wrong? The key to living the dream is to achieve the elusive passive income – money that keeps coming in when you work, rest, play, sleep, holiday, retire and long after you’re gone!

Once you have established yourself as an Internet Entrepreneur or Marketer and have secured several lines of income you will be in an excellent position to start following those dreams!

If you take any advice from this article then let it be this:

  • Once you’ve made it, give something back
  • Look after your list – Those are real people on the other end of your mail, and unsubscribe is only ever a click away
  • You are only ever as good as your last recommendation – Don’t ever be tempted to create or promote crap.

make money while you sleep


TLDNR (Too Long, Did Not Read) Summary:

Work out what you need, get to work then go get what you want!





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