Unusual Ways To Make Money Online #1

Genius? Or just plain Nuts? You Decide…

Unique ways to Make Money Online (The Good, The Bad and the just PLAIN CRAZY!)

Spend just a few minutes browsing the posts on this (and other related) blog and you will see there are numerous ways to make money online without investing anything other than your time. Not every money making method is a scam and there are lots of genuine people out there willing to help you on your journey.

Along my own journey so far to make money on the internet I have come across many tried and trusted ways to make money, I’ve played it safe and, more often than not, stated the obvious, but some methods have stood out more than others, and not always for the right reasons!

This started off as one little post about the more unusual ideas to make money online, but the research involved has taken it to a whole new level! I’ve decided to make it into a series of posts, looking at new ways to make money, the wild, wacky and sometimes, frankly quite disturbing lengths people will go to for money!

Computers, the web, Internet marketing, and making money from the internet is so new in the grand scheme of things, it’s really little wonder that we can find things that continue to surprise everyday. Now is the time to get thinking outside the box and come up with your own unique money making ideas, I hope you can draw some inspiration from the stories I have found on my travels into this strange new world!

Take a look at young children and see how they come up with imaginative and creative new things to do each and every day. Despite having such an enormous resource as the internet, why is that most of us cannot come up with a unique and creative money making idea? Did we simply sidetrack our creative streak as a part of the growing up process? Is it still there lurking in the background, too afraid to come out and play?

Well these guys certainly got their Money Making Mojo back!!

Lets get started with the more famous Entrepreneurs of this new era…

 Ten Unusual Ways to Make Money Online:

1. The Million Dollar Homepage The most iconic of all unique ways to make money online! Founder Alex Tew certainly made his million…then millions more on the back of one crazy idea! He says “Everybody says that everything that can be done with the Internet has already been done but that’s simply not true.” Alex continues to build his empire with more long-term, sustainable money making projects.

2. One Red Paper Clip The website was created by Kyle MacDonald, a Canadian blogger who famously bartered his way from a single, everyday, red paperclip up to a house in a series of online trades over the course of a year. Kyle made his first trade, a red paper clip for a fish-shaped pen, on July 14, 2005. He reached his ultimate goal of trading up to a house with the fourteenth trade by swapping a film role for a house.

3. Ebay wonders of the modern world – Just type totally bizarre into the eBay search bar – and I’m saying no more!

4. Save Karyn – As mentioned in my previous post here, Karyn needed to get out of debt, and did so with online donations in the space of 5 months. She used the money to not only clear her debts, but also to secure a future for herself as a successful author.

5. Lucky Break Wishbone – This has to rank as one of the funnest (if not a little crazy) ideas I have stumbled upon thus far. Why wait around for the turkey to be carved at Christmas when you can get the lucky wishbone whenever you want? The Lucky Wishbone company makes and sells simple little plastic wishbones. They are producing 30,000 of them a month and online sales have exceeded one million dollars.

6. Santa MailYou got to hand it to Byron Reese for making millions off of this idea. Parents send him ten dollars and he writes their kids as Santa. This may not seem like much until you multiply it by the 300 000 responses that ‘Santa’ sent last year alone.

7. Where’s George?Forget Wally – Americans can now track their own George Washington’s!  This website tracks your money by allowing users to enter their zip codes and currency serial numbers. If the person who had the bill before you had already done the same, you will get to see just where your money has been. You will also be able to see where the bill is if the next owner does the same. The website is currently tracking nearly 200 million bills worth over a billion U.S. dollars. Wonder if it will work as well with the Queen of England???unusual ways to make money online

8. Doggles.Com Who’d have thunk it? Dog’s in goggles? Well….Veronica DiLullo thunk it, and made them – then made herself a fortune selling them! Within a year, Doggles was able to make $3 million dollars in profit.

9. Amazing ButterfliesSelling butterflies and making millions? Doesn’t even seem imaginable does it? Jose Muniz has managed to pull it off. You can get your very own live butterfly from Jose, who started the business on a bet. I guess it paid off.

10. Antenna BallsJack Wall turned those little bobbles on top of car’s antenna into a multi-million dollar industry by selling them online.

I hope this post has entertained you as much as it did me, and maybe given you a little food for thought and perhaps some inspiration to Make Money Online – outside of the normal confines of convention! #2 In the new series of Unusual ways to Make Money Online currently under construction – It’ll be ready when I’m over the shock of what I’ve found and have stopped giggling 🙂

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