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Unusual Ways to Make Money Online #3 – The Dark Side

Ways to make money online #3 is devoted to the more unsavoury side of ways to make money. The lengths some people are prepared to go to for a bit of fast cash!

Fed up of reading the usual ways to make money online guides? Well you are guaranteed not to find one single survey to fill in among this lot!

These unethical ways to make money online are in no way promoted or endorsed by Show Me Some Money, just telling you what’s out there! This is in no way a tutorial on scams and dodgy schemes, think of it rather as an expose – and a bit of entertainment for your darker side..

I’ve found some pretty despicable, deplorable, unethical ways to make money online, and a few downright icky ways to make money, most, however are pretty genius, some absolutely hilarious, and a couple – well I might even give it a go! (Not the illegal ones of course).

There really seems to be no boundaries when it comes to ways to make money online for those few that will stretch the extremes of exploiting others good nature, gullibility (did you know that the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary?), hopes, dreams or expectations.

So is it really the fault of the scammers that their victims are left empty walleted with their dreams of getting rich without actually doing any work so callously dashed, or do we, as lazy ass greedy consumers have more than a little to answer for?

Leave your scruples, ethics, morals and sane, logical thinking at the door if you wish to read on, here’s my top 20 unethical ways to make money online….

Unethical Ways to Make Money Online

unethical ways to make money online1. Save Toby – Most people have heard the story of Toby by now, but do bare with me on this one as I have some great bunny-boiling references lined up! If you are unaware of the whole Toby saga, it all started way back in 2005 when Toby the rabbit’s evil owner made a site full of cute bunny pics, only to then threaten to eat poor Toby. Donations started to pour in until the good people at bored.com stepped in to save the little bunnykins for an “undisclosed” sum. I’m sure Toby has long since passed over the rainbow bridge to nibble his carrots merrily in fields of gold, let’s just hope his demise was from natural causes! Unethical ways to make money online? Hell yeah!

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 2. Ponzi/Pyramid/HYIP – This one is easy, create a pyramid/Ponzi/HYIP scheme, take everyone’s money then get the timing just right to make a quick exit (do a runner!) One of the masters of the Ponzi scheme (apart from the original Mr Ponzi) was Bernard L Madoff, but he’s in prison now  …why did he keep getting away with it as long as he did? People really want to believe that this time they will get rich, over and over again! The true masters of the Ponzi an Pyramids will never run short of ways to make money online as long as there are those of us desperate for a way to get rich quick without actually working!

3. Negative SEO – This dastardly money making method leaves a particularly nasty taste in the mouth! There are companies out there set up with the sole purpose of taking down your competitors by destroying their rankings and reputation. For a hefty sum they will bombard your main competitors with thousands of spammy backlinks, duplicate all your content, create massive bounce rates or even infest the site in question with malware or hate content, click like mad on your ads so that your accounts get suspended, along with other unsavoury tactics to knock them off the top spot and get you there in place of them. There has been a massive boom in Negative SEO tactics since the Google updates sought to weed out rubbish sites. This is one of the nastiest ways to make money online that I have come across so far.

4. The great Email stocks scam – I think this money making method may well be more urban myth than fact, it is too uncannily similar to a magic trick I saw on TV involving the outcome of horse races to be anything other than an ingenious story. Apparently some guy got hold of a million email addresses and then divided them in half – telling one half that a certain stock was set to go up, and the other half that it would go down. Discarding the half that he got wrong, he then did it again with the other 50% – continuing until he had 100 or so subscribers left, who were by now hanging on to his every word! He then sold them an hour-long webinar on stock forecasting at a price of $5,000 each! So – fact or fiction? Genius or common con-man? Illegal, unethical – or just plain stupid for throwing half a million email addresses away??? Other unethical ways to make money online involving  emails include the ever popular Nigerian Businessman needing to hide 20 million in your account, and, of course the European Lottery win!

5. Chinese Prison Guards – Again “allegedly” there are prison guards in China that have found different ways to make money along side their usual wage. The prisoners are made to mine virtual gold from MMORPG games such as runescape and World of Warcraft so that the greedy guards can sell it for real cash. Ways to make money online via “virtual hard labour”? Love it hahah

6. Sue Google – Did you get unrelated results while searching, saw a picture you didn’t like, something offended your Christianity, contradicted your Atheist views, Sue them! Plenty of people do, and succeed or not you still get your 5 mins of fame (and a spike of site traffic LOL). It’s usually just easier for huge corporations such as Google to just settle out of court. This is one of the ways to make money online that kinda leaves a sour taste in the mouth as far as I’m concerned.

7. Pap Snaps – Loiter around the celeb hangouts and get that pic that every tabloid wants, sell it for mega bucks. Before you add this to your essential ways to make money online ultimate list, please remember that Celebs are people too – even if they do insist on going out without underwear and getting out of chauffer driven limo’s in an ungainly way!

 8. Sell Your Story – If you can get yourself actually in one of the above snaps, make up a story surrounding it and sell it for even more mega bucks! Read above before adding this one too your ways to make money online list – do you really want to become the second main focus of attention in a scandal?

9. Domain Hunting – Perform domain hunting services for businesses and then bill them for it (even when they didn’t hire you). A small amount of businesses will actually pay up for this? A 0.01% success out of a million could be worth $100,000 (at a modest $10 each). For example, you could easily find and setup a program to extract company names from a Yellow Pages directory, run them through a misspelling generator and email each company a list of domains you’ve identified that it would be in their interest to register as they happen to be very alike to their own company name. That’s a service, kind of? The UK authorities have been clamping down on a lot of these dodgy operators and these kind of ways to make money online in general  – but that’s the UK, and it’s a big wide world out there!

10. Take Bribes – Become a volunteer editor in places like DMOZ and then take bribes to list sites from their owners. Is this even legal? I’m sure in many parts of the world it most likely isn’t, but apparently it does happen quite a lot. Tut Tut!

11. Life settlements – In the US especially, an investor can buy someone else’s life insurance policy (usually someone with a fairly short life expectancy), continue to keep up the payments and then collect the pay-out when the seller dies. Can you seriously imagine needing someone to die before you get your investment and profit returned!? On the down (?) side – If the seller doesn’t die quickly enough you could lose out. So, to state the obvious – the quicker they die the more profit you make. Legitimate? Yes … Ethical? I’m torn on this one, on one hand you are helping the seller out by letting them have the cash and enjoy it while they’re alive, rather than letting greedy relatives swarm like vultures when they pass..But on the other, is it all a bit “ewww”? Or are we just so scared of our own mortality that it shouldn’t be discusses in the open like that? I reckon it’s actually one of the OK ways to make money online!

12. “I’ll sue you” Email scams. These are pretty yucky in the world of ways to make money online. You simply keep on sending out hundreds of threatening emails to companies and demand that they compensate you for something they’ve either done or failed to do, or you will sue. The idea is that smaller and new start-up companies trying to protect or build their reputations will send you money for even the slightest infringement of your rights.

Can’t solve a difficult captcah? SUE! From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA#Legal_concerns:

In 2007, Ticketmaster sued software maker RMG Technologies[30] for its product which circumvented the ticket seller’s CAPTCHAs on the basis that it violated the anti-circumvention clause of the DMCA. In October 2007, an injunction was issued stating that Ticketmaster would likely succeed in making its case.[31] In June 2008, Ticketmaster filed for default judgment against RMG. The Court granted Ticketmaster the default and entered an $18.2M judgment in favor of Ticketmaster.

13. Invent a hard luck story – I’ve seen this done first hand on most of the ways to Make Money Online Forums at some point or another. Spread your story about needing to find work, or needing to find ways to make money online that will make you X amount, or your daughter won’t get her operation, your mom won’t make the rent and you will both be homeless again. I’m not so much of a cynic to believe that all of the hard luck stories have been scams, but also not gullible enough to believe that the poster has been made homeless, with just his laptop and iPhone for company on cold nights! Interestingly enough – from the more believable stories told, the most generous and accommodating donations have come from the Black hatters! The very people who usually come up with the most unethical ways to make money imaginable! Go figure – no ethics, but huge hearts and even bigger wallets LOL

14. Domain Booking – I don’t personally have much of a problem with this one of the top ways to make money online either, but some do, so it’s here. Domain booking is simply the practise of buying up domain names for a specific purpose. For instance – the name of a new film about to be released, in the hope of the producers offering you obscene amounts of cash for it. Or a merger about to happen between 2 existing companies, or even basic misspellings of domains (these are a lot rarer now than they used to be) that companies have failed to spot. Risky business, but quite legit ways to make money!

15. Take Nudie pics of your wife/girlfriend/partner/husband, etc. and upload them to various file sharing sites where you get paid per download or pay per view images such as Image Twist or Imgchili. That’s just evil! Could be Sweet revenge if you’ve been wronged by an ex though LOL. My ways to make money online article just went seriously downhill!

16. Pretend to be a hot chick on Social Sites, sign up for CPA offers, then coax men to click on your offers – stories such as “I just need four more clicks to get my little brother an iPad” go down a treat. Of course these type of ways to make money work even better if you actually are a hot chick – at least you won’t have to be as undignified as to have to steal other people’s photo’s to pass off as your own LOL

 17. Still on the fake Social Media profile, sign up as an affiliate to various dating sites, then message loads of men that are “in a relationship” with the difficult news that you just found his girlfriend on the site – including your affiliate link to said site of course! One of the more ingenious ways to make money online, of course your victim may not seem so pleased about it!

18. Create and sell a really crappy WSO – Some WSO’s really are great, and a valuable source of information for anyone looking at getting into Internet marketing as a career (done well this is one of the top all time ways to make money online). Others, well – just a pile of tripe, rehashed rubbish that’s padded out into 40ish pages of fluff and waffle made with the sole intention of getting a few quick bucks for the creator. Pay for a few rave reviews and Bob’s your Uncle, your PayPal account overfloweth!

19. How about those people providing the fake reviews? Aren’t they surely just as guilty of making money somewhat unethically as the creators of above crap products? Innocents buying up the trash because of your approval? Almost worse!

20. Finally on the list of dirty ways to make money online comes the role of Virtual Pimp. I love this one and personally don’t have a problem with it at all! What consenting grown-ups want to do in front of a webcam for cash is entirely their own business as far as I’m concerned. Sign up as a Webcam Model Agent with InternetModeling.com and earn 10% of your referrals income for as long as they keep earning. You can also earn by signing up other agents and earn the same way, but that doesn’t sound half as shocking! Def my top pick of ways to make money online!!

The Verdict on Unethical Ways to Make Money Online

Some of these ways to make money weren’t so bad were they? If you are serious about wanting to find unethical ways make money online, please be sure it’s something you can live with, even if it’s not illegal – There are no ways to make money online methods worth keeping yourself awake at night for! Check out our success tips for more info regarding online ethics

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