Unusual Ways to Make Money Online #4

Unusual ways to make money online #4

Getting a little tired of filling surveys, thinking of your next blog post topic or building your list just to get a few dollars in the PayPal account?

Time to take another look at the stranger ways of making money online!

Big Sister:

I won’t include the link to this site as it may be offensive to some (a quick Google will throw it up if you really want to see it)! Basically Big Sister is an online brothel that operates in Prague and  makes an absolute fortune from monthly membership fees. Once signed up members can watch the girls meeting the guests, stripping and ultimately performing with their clients.

The Big Sister clients are real and agree to be filmed upon entering (pun intended!)

Male customers pay an entrance fee of about $23, females and couples have free entrance. Reservations ahead of time are recommended.

The subscription fees of €30 per month as well as sales of DVDs of the recorded action, represent the company’s main source of income. The produced video content contains coverage of the guests with the women, as well as amateur couples that come into the house, and coverage of the shooting of adult productions that take place in the house.

The website gets around 10k hits per day, do the maths to work out how much money this website earns!


Sell your hair:

Some people grow their tresses for the specific purpose of cutting and selling it. “Virgin” hair that hasn’t been coloured or treated in any way will make the most amount of money

Bloomsbury Wigs will pay up to £100 for your hair. They’ll even cut it off  for you. Don’t panic – they just chop off your ponytail.

The main hair buyer in the UK, Banbury Postiche (Wigs UK) pays £3 per ounce if your hair is 6-12″ long and £5 per ounce if it is more than 12″ long.

On Gumtree several wigmakers are looking to buy hair and are open to negotiations. Some are even willing to buy children’s hair, so you might score some extra cash from cutting off your kids’ beautiful hair too.

Over at buyandsellhair.com, you simply place your ad with a few details about your precious locks and wait for a buyer.

sell your hair online

I don’t think selling your (and your families) hair is really a viable option for making money online long term, due to the restrictions on growing time! But it could get you out of a temporary tight bind or cash flow crisis; Look after your hair, you never know when it may come in useful!

Say some prayers:


Kaddish is commonly referred to as the “Mourner’s Prayer” as it is recited for the deceased.

If you pay Saykaddish.com $300 they will ensure Kaddish is said for you 3 times daily for a year, and once annually after that.

Say Kaddish claim that rabbis in Israel who are fully observant of Jewish law, tradition, and practices will be saying your Kaddish for you.

 Letters from the dead:

I really like this idea from http://www.everywaytomakemoney.com/letters-from-the-dead.htm What if you could send a letter to a friend or family member years after you have passed on? You can with letters from the dead….

Life gems:

diamond www.lifegem-uk.com and www.lifegem.com will take your loved ones’ (no it doesn’t have to be human!) ashes or a lock of hair and make them into real diamonds.

Prices start around $2,000 up to $25,000. You simply order your free shipping kit, fill out the order form and send off the ashes or hair and wait for your diamond to be returned to you.

Ticket touting (ticket scalping):

An oldie but a goodie, you basically buy tickets for popular events that you know will be a sell out and sell them for extortionate prices on Ebay or local classifieds. I hear it’s even legal in some countries?!

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  1. I am also a newbie in blogging. I have just started my blog and want to get some link juice. I have been following your blog for the last 2 months. I am not generating any revenue yet. Can you tell me some ways i can increase my traffic and backlinks. Nice post btw…

    • hi – i had a quick look at your site, it is very broad – who is your target audience? where are they? what are they doing? answer those questions then go and find them!
      the first thing that strikes me is your posts are from admin and you have no avatar, people will not trust an anonymous website – make it personal and get yourself known, liked and trusted. then people will buy from you 🙂
      2 months is very early for a website, keep at it and good luck!

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