Uvioo (get paid to share YouTube Videos) Review

uvioo logoWhat is Uvioo?

Uvioo.com – I was quite excited on first hearing about this method to make money online, the concept is very simple – just share your favourite YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, Digg or any of the 15 sharing platforms that Uvioo provides. Not only do you get paid for the share, but for every like and share that the video receives from your initial share, aswell as referral sign ups that you may get as a result! For a viral video such as “Charlie bit my finger” you could imagine this revenue share growing considerably!

Before signing up I did a little research without much success – for every claim of SCAM! there’s a different glowing report of big payouts, anywhere from $100 – $1000’s per month.

As the sign up process is free I decided to sign up and see for myself, my first share earned me $0.20. Shortly afterwards the red flags began to appear…

1. Login causes a very sneaky pop up/under or whatever it is from the EmpowerNetwork, I really don’t like sites that use this kind of advertising.

2. FAQ – Nowhere to be found, along with a very sketchy “how it works” page and just plain confusing “terms” page.

3. No mention of minimum payout, although other site reviews claim this to be $100.

4. Monthly paid “premium” membership and checkpoint upgrades. With the free membership you reach “checkpoints”, the first one being at $5 – at this point you may buy the checkpoint and receive $10 in return??

5. No discussion forum for members to share experiences, I feel this is a must on any Make Money Online site.

I guess this would be ok if you could use your earnings to buy the upgrade – so why then do they ask for your credit card details? No idea, but they weren’t getting mine to find out!

On their positive side is that you are under no obligation to purchase any upgrades or checkpoints. The only way to test out if you will still be paid without purchasing these is to share the videos to friends in the hope of them sharing the videos and signing up under you, which I’m not prepared to do without any more information! Kind of a catch 22 going on now!

Payment is via cheque or PayPal, which does go towards their favour a little.

The site has been in operation for over two years, surely if it was a blatant scam/ponzi scheme they would have been shut down before now? Maybe not!

Overall, my advice is stay away from this one – If, like me, the curiosity gets the better of you then here’s a link to Sign Up for free. Until you know more about this, please do not purchase any membership or upgrades using your credit card details.

Is UViOo scam or legit? I don’t know yet, but I wouldn’t take any chances and advise anyone to err on the side of caution!

As I have not received a payout from this site, please note that I am not in any way endorsing or encouraging you to sign up to Uvioo.

If anyone has had more experience with this site, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions or warnings

30 thoughts on “Uvioo (get paid to share YouTube Videos) Review

  1. I joined Uvioo today and got excited right away. I made 1$ quickly off a couple of shares. I decided to read about getting paid. The payments page goes into this whole spiel about paying $5 at checkpoints to get $100. Instantly alarms began to go off into my head. I decided to research the site before continuing on because anything that says they will double your money for doing nothing is definitely trying to take advantage of you. Everything I see on my google search indicates that Uvioo is scammy. My advise to anyone wanting to try out the site is to not pay any money into it until you have cashed out once and been paid.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Henry, and I’ve been a Uuvio free member for 3 days, and I’ve built up $80 in my available area. I have yet to reach the $100 threshold as of yet, but am working on it. I think I’m gonna sign up for the pro, and aguire some check points, and 1 gold position. I will deff let you guy’s know how it goes. Thanks for your time

  3. It seems like a scam. I have done PTC and I know a scam when I see one. I have shared several videos and I see they have been viewed many times. Where is the earnings from these views, they are not showing? That tells me the webmaster is deliberating manipulating or has the settings to not include earnings for views. This site is just trying to drive visitors to its site so it can advertise. The checkpoints are are just gravy on top of the advertising. Its a way to rake in more cash. Stay away, like all scams its all about them making as much money as possible, and giving very little or nothing in return.

    Shanice do you work for Uvioo? You are really pitching the checkpoints and the advertising. Also, can you please provide proof you were paid by Uvioo? Thank you.

    • Hi Mike!
      No, I do not work for UvioO, I happened upon it pretty much like everyone else. If you do not want to take my word that the website is legit, then that is absolutely fine. I am glad that everyone is doing appropriate research before they go ahead and invest in things like this.

      I advertise the checkpoints and gold positions because it is the quickest way to make money on the site. You only earn money PER VIEW if you are an upgraded member, otherwise you are only being paid per share (around 0.03 – 0.10 is what I find is the average there). Since the payout threshold is $100, I was trying to meet that threshold as quickly as possible so I can get back what I invested.

      Thank you again for your comments. 🙂

  4. I find it sad yet funny, that most of you are calling “scam” how is it a scam ? Did you pay for something and not receive it ?
    Ive been in this for a few days and have made $35, that I didn’t pay for. The way I look at is, Im already sharing videos, why not try this and make a little money, if it doesn’t work, I haven’t lost anything, I didn’t pay for anything so Im not losing.
    As far as some not making any money, well you have to share videos, when you do that you make money, then you make MORE money when people watch the videos, if no one watches the videos you wont make much money.
    Why don’t you people use the “contact” to ask questions? instead you make site bashing something before you know all the facts…..
    The minimum payout for the commissions is set to $100 for all members.
    Please note that there is also a 45-day after month of operations security period.

    One or several ‘Cash out’ buttons will appear every time your acquired earnings (Total Acquired) have reached at least $100 and when they have cleared the security period. You can click on the ‘Cash out’ button(s) when you are ready to receive your funds.

    The payments that qualify are sent within the last two weeks of each month. We can transfer money to your Payza account or we can issue a paycheck on your name and send it to the address you provided in the “Paycheck Profile” section.

  5. On UViOo I downloaded the toolbar . I been working at it for two days. Got it up to $10.00 without any type of upgrade. Got a problem tonight where it never past by $10. Doesn’t manner how many videos I click on and send to facebook or Etc it doesn’t give anymore money. Plan on staying on the free plan till I know for sure it really works. Guess it sounds to good to be true. Plan on finding out.

      • I have tested out and earned with many programs. Some seem user friendly and straight forward and soon money is landing into my payment processor. I’ve attempted to earn with UviOo and have yet to pull out a dime from it. After many attempts if it still is not working I cut my losses. So many of these don’t work and I can’t afford to waste too much time on any program that doesn’t pay and benefit my referrals. If anyone has some tips on how to milk this, I’m all ears.

  6. Thank you for your article. Viewing UvioO’s website, and reading some of the support emails, (and seeing Shenice’s response) I can tell you they all speak with a specific broken-english. I’d be a little skeptical of Shenice’s comment due to her having the same broken english as the ones who write the support emails. -Just something I noticed.

    Apologies to her if I am mistaken.

  7. Hello everyone. 🙂 I am also a member of Uvioo, and I have gotten paid by them, so I do not think them a scam. 🙂 The quickest way to get paid is to purchase Checkpoints and Gold Positions. The checkpoints are fairly simple once you figure out how to work them —

    When they first are released, it offers that you pay a certain dollar amount and Uvioo in return will credit you an amount that is usually higher. The ones that I usually purchase are the $5 for $10, essentially doubling your investment. For each of the checkpoints that I have purchased, I pay them $5 and they in turn credit my account $10. Easy as that.

    The Gold Positions are basically advertising positions. Each time someone posts an ad on the site, depending on what page it is on, a certain dollar amount goes to members that have purchased that position. For example, I have purchased Gold Position 1 which I paid $9 for. Each time someone advertises in that position, I earn $1. So far I have doubled my money on this as well.

    The threshold to cash out what you have earned is $100, like as was mentioned. When you are eligible to withdraw the funds, a button will automatically show up under your “Paycheck Profile” to withdraw those funds to your Payza account or to have a check sent to your home.

    I hope this clears up some confusion.. 🙂 If you have any other questions feel free to email me!

    • Thanks Shanice for stopping by and taking the time to give your experience with Uvioo, I still don’t think I’m comfortable with paying for positions though – why can’t they just take the money out of your earnings?
      It’s good to know someone has been paid out and is enjoying their experience 🙂

  8. Thanks for posting about Uvioo. I feel the same way you do. I just signed up and shared a few videos and they say I’ve made .22 so far. Then I started getting these emails offering me Checkpoints for $5 each saying that I’d make back $10. Very confusing!! It’s a cool concept I must admit and if I can make a few cents on every video shared/tweeted I’ll start with that and see what happens. Thanks again for sharing your perspective. I’m also a huge fan of Swagbucks, nothing but praise for that site, comes through every time with gift cards, paypal deposits! You’ve got a great blog with great advice! Please do post if you ever actually get paid from UViOo.

    • I will, but I wouldn’t hold your breathe waiting for the news lol.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences, I have neglected my Swagbucks a little recently, must get back to it 🙂

  9. Hi lisa, I have an account in uvioo. Does it really works.?? I mean I have’t get money until now. I am still on the process of figuring out how to get my money I earn.. Is it possible without upgrading to pro member. Regards, Delio

    • there are a few reviews saying it works, i even came across one with payment proof – but i believe they are just from people trying to get referrals. I havent paid anything to them and I have never received anything back. My advice is stay away, there are much safer ways to make money online that wont cost you anything!

  10. Lisa,

    I was happy to discover this review above about Uvioo – but we are left hanging for results – 5 months later, can you tell us if any withdrawals made by anyone? I agree with Christina above, while it looks fascinating – the site’s a bite confusing

    Love your blog – if you wish to consider reciprocal links, let me know.

    Louis Paquette
    Vancouver, Canada

  11. Does this really work? It seemed confusing to me claiming points before they expire..do they really send you checks? I wonder if it has good costumer service & if it really works for anyone as claimed.

    • I haven’t paid for any of the “bonuses” and neither have I been paid out. If you want to try it out I would advise not paying for any upgrades until you have tested it out with just the free version:)

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