Virtual Assistant

Successful business owners, web masters and Internet marketers often just don’t have the time for all the mundane yet essential work required to keep a business or website thriving.

You can hire yourself out as a virtual assistant either freelancing (register at any freelance website, or search the business forums, they usually have a services wanted/for sale section) or apply for a permanent position with one company that is more suited to your particular skills.

Usually the work advertised in forums is for assisting with building traffic for websites; so you will be expected to submit sites to web directories, build backlinks by posting in forums and on blogs, create email lists and social marketing, etc. Some of this work is going to be boring and repetitive, so be sure you have the stamina for it before applying!

A permanent position can include any secretarial duties ranging from customer service, answering calls and data entry to medical transcribing and research projects.

Make a list of your skills (word per minute typing, etc.), hours available and pay expected, then go hunting and see if you can match an employer to your requirements. Here are a few sites to get you started, but a simple Google search will bring up many more, depending on what type of work you are looking for.  oDesk

With so many businesses going online nowadays, the role of the virtual assistant is expanding in many new directions. Researching information for your client’s new products and reading other such articles for information to assist with his/her business, e-commerce management, handling of any problems with purchases on your client’s website, managing client online affiliate programs, etc.

As an added extra you will also gain invaluable knowledge and experience that can be used to your advantage should you wish to attempt an online business of your own!

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