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Voice Over Work

voice over microphonePut your mouth where the money is!

Get paid to use your voice at www.Voices.com

The sign up process is simple, and free. Once signed up you then create your profile and you will need to add  samples of your voice for prospective clients. You will then be invited to audition for the voice over work that matches your profile.

Once accepted, you complete the assignment and send your finished audio to the client, payment is received using voices.com secure escrow service.

You don’t need a special studio, or any specialist equipment to get started. Audition for voice over work anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Access or update your profile and account details 24 hours a day. All you need is an Internet connection and a PC with a microphone.

If you would like to make voice over work your professional career then you could consider signing up for their premium membership (we recommend to try the free service first). With premium membership you get your own personal voice talent website that advertises your services for you. You can  create your own website and optimize it for the search engines, no programming skills required. Simply and easily fill out the registration form to build your elegantly designed voice over website.

Also worth checking out is  www.Opuzzvoice.com


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