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VoiceBunny – Voice Over Work From Home

voice overVoiceBunny: Voice talents: sign up free, pick the projects you like, record from your home studio, and get paid, even for auditioning.

You set your own rate and VoiceBunny will add on their margin. Payments are made via PayPal or money wire.

There is no subscription or hidden fees, and you are not tied to VoiceBunny exclusively.

If you intend to make voice over work a full time career, you will need some professional tools of the trade, including:

  • A microphone
  • Computer & High speed internet connection
  • Sound Booth
  • Sound recording equipment

Don’t be put off by the expense if this is something you would really like to try, most music shops will have equipment available to hire until you decide if this really is the work at home career you were born to do!

How it Works:

  • clients post their voice over projects.
  • You pick the projects you like.
  • You record the script and upload the audio.
  • VoiceBunny pays you.

What are the Voice Overs used for?

Voices are needed for numerous projects such us:  Commercials, videos, podcasts, phone systems, elearning, translations, audiobooks, audio guides, ebooks, mobile apps, radio, video games, toys and lots more.


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