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What To Do When Google Smacks You Down?

dont quit quote

Here’s hoping the above quote is true, because things just got mighty rough in my attempts to make money online!

Well I guess it happens to the best of blogs at some point, but literally overnight Google has decided he doesn’t want to play ball with Show Me Some Money anymore! Not only that, but he’s taken his ball with him and left!

So what to do when Google won’t play nice?

Well for a start I plan on turning this experience into a learning curve, I won’t give up – even if it means being the only visitor to my blog for a few weeks!

Visitors to my second most popular page (along with a couple of others) Working Online In The Adult Industry disappeared not 24 hrs after publishing my October Goals, so I’m faced with a sudden, unexpected game changer and it’s time to put Show Me Some Money to the test!

Daily visitors to this site have dropped from my high of 552 just a week ago to 157 yesterday, so basically I will be rebuilding this blog from scratch:

  • First stop Nick’s Traffic – A great resource for traffic tips, run by a really genuine, talented guy. I will be going through his posts with a fine tooth comb and see what I can come up with, Nick may even step in to give me a little shove in the right direction if I ask nicely!
  • Next stop Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe – She was hit pretty hard in the last update herself, so maybe there will be something to be learnt from her recovery.
  • Part Time Ted is next on the list – I may be able to persuade Ted to send me another article, the last one he published here has proved very popular and still brings new visitors to the site, did you read his article on Building Authority Sites?
  • I get a few visitors from my forum profile links; so will be upping the efforts there and hunting more forums that allow signature links.
  • I have a couple of guest author posts in mind that I’ll be working on to get published on high-profile blogs.
  • Just as Google is not the only search engine (I got a hit from Bing once!), Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media networks, I will be upping the efforts with Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon and Pinterest; Doing the research and work needed to create popular articles that I have been preaching about for weeks!
  • I need to get back to quality posts with some researched keywords – My articles of late have come more from the heart than the head, I think maybe I got too complacent that Google would love my work no matter what…..OOOOPSIE!

That’s plenty to get going with for now, but if you have any further suggestions now is the time to share!

It’s a shame that I had to be hit like this to get my butt back into gear and start working, but maybe it’s a good thing – It has certainly made me sit up and take notice!

The October goals have changed somewhat and although I really wanted to start making money from Show Me Some Money this month, that’s now firmly on the back burner until next year – but hey, what’s a few more months of starvation!?

If you are struggling with Google rankings or lack of traffic, please follow my journey and maybe we can all help each other out a little. I will be updating on my progress throughout the month, and will give a heads up on what’s working and what is a waste of time.

If you haven’t yet taken action towards improving your blog NOW is the time to get onboard and JUST DO IT (yes I am hoping Nike will see this and sue for using their tagline – I need the publicity LOL)

never give up quote

 And on a parting note – Bing is my new favourite search engine; followed by DuckDuckGo, Ask and FunMoods…..Google unfortunately became a victim of my last update!

2 thoughts on “What To Do When Google Smacks You Down?

  1. Sounds like you have been stung, I recently took a hit with my site, but as the site is relatively new I’ve carried on doing what I have been and hopefully it will go back up. I guess you have disappear on Google

    • I haven’t totally disappeared, just a couple of popular pages got hit, so I guess it’s not as bad as some.
      I know it’s sad, but I’m quite excited about it! It’s given me loads to write about and I finally have to put into practise all the things I should have been doing in the first place!
      I’ve been in touch with Nick from Nicks Traffic Tricks, and as usual he’s been a star and pointed me in the right direction…
      The only way is up as they say 🙂

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