Working Online in the Adult Industry

If you are over 18, broad-minded and have a fun, bubbly personality (and a dirty mind!?) this may just be a little gold mine for you!

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**update** Looks like adult cam jobs is no more – but I still earn a steady income from Internet (as an agent, not a model)

Don’t really fancy doing any of the “dirty” work yourself? Then how about becoming an agent??

Sign up as an agent with webcammodel and earn 10% of whatever your referrals earn! This isn’t taken out of their earnings but an extra payment the site pays directly to you. So if a model that you refer earns $1000 a week you will get $100 per week for doing absolutely nothing apart from recruiting them in the first place! Better still there is no limit on the amount of models you can sign up so if you get five models who earn $1000 per week, you make $500 every single week.

Sms Text Services

Get paid to receive and answer sms text messages, with an adult theme.

Fill in the application form at

They are looking for people to answer messages sent via an adult website. All hours and days are available, but you must agree to answer at least 150 messages per week. You will earn 20p for every message you answer.  That’s at least £30 a week for a small bit of typing!

Due to the nature of the website network you will be expected to answer strong adult-orientated messages, although there are messages with certain content that you would never be expected to reply to (bear in mind you will still be exposed to them though).

You MUST be over 18 and have a Uk bank account in order to get paid. Payment is made weekly.

All messages have to be answered on your PC or Laptop – not a mobile phone tablet.

Successful applicants will be required to submit replies to between 10 and 15 questions online as a test  in order to gauge the suitability of your skills to this job.

Make your answers grammatically correct – ie no short codes (like ur instead of you’re, etc.)

NOTE – This is NOT telephone or speaking work – It is typing adult messages on a website.

You will probably be asked to send photo’s, but don’t worry, you don’t need to use your own! You can get photos from certain websites to use.

If you would rather set up your own sms text service, you will need a small initial investment, check here Hire people worldwide for text or chat work. They also offer services to set up your own premium rate numbers. Working as an operator with text121, you are not obliged to answer Adult themed texts, they also run services for Clean SMS & MMS Chat, Tarot, Trivia, chat room moderation, and Anything Answered. All you need for live chat is a headset and broadband connection for live chat via VOIP. For the texting service you just need to be computer literate, have a broadband connection and Adobe Acrobat Reader (to read their guidelines).


Live Chat

Being a chat line operator is all about having fun and keeping the caller engaged; so you can create characters and really become an actress throughout the call. Be whatever you feel comfortable with, as long as you are lively and bubbly and your caller is enjoying chatting with you, he will stay on-line for longer and you will earn more money. Most chat line companies have forums that you will have access to upon joining where you will find scripts and tips to use. Offer work answering sms texts, live chat and webcam models, as well as tarot readers. You need to be able to work 20 hours and do at least one night shift per week.

Livelines also hire freelance content writers, so well worth checking them out.

**update* Its seems Excel Tele Media has ceased operating.**  Excel Telemedia is a leading chat line service provider offering quality chat and entertainment services.

If you’re looking to make cash working from home while remaining your own boss, this is a great opportunity to earn over £10 per hour. (You must work a minimum of 10 hours per week).

Excel Telemedia operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can choose hours that suit you.  the more you work, the more cash you earn.

You keep the flexibility of being self-employed yet get Excel Telemedia ‘s support – all you need to do is complete the simple online application form and they will contact you in three-four days with all the information you need to get started as a chat line operator.

Payments will go directly into your bank account every week for Phone Chat or every four weeks for Text Chat through an automated invoice and payment system. - Webcam Models Wanted!

For a great recruiting method – check out my post on Affiliate Marketing Without a Website







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