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zazzle logoCreating your own store with Zazzle is fun, easy and completely free! The only quailification you need is to be over 13 years of age.

All you have to do is come up with your own unique designs, which can then be added to t-shirts, badges, bags, ties, caps, key rings, aprons, coasters, mugs, magnets, postcards, posters, skateboards, phone covers – even dog clothes!!

When someone orders one of your designs, Zazzle create and ship the item for you, they even have a no quibble returns policy.

If at any point you get stuck Zazzle have a great support system with their Forum, Blog and even the Zazzle University to learn everything you need to know!

There’s absolutely no cost…it’s all profit for you!

Use your free Zazzle online shop to showcase any number of items. It’s all free and there’s no physical stock to maintain or selling costs to cover. Creating your store is fast and easy with the Zazzle templates or customize a store to match your own style and flair.

Zazzle handle all payments and shipping (they ship worldwide) and you will be paid via Paypal.

Specify how much money you make on the products you sell on Zazzle with their “Name Your Royalty” feature.  Set your royalty payments at any rate you want – 20%, 25%,50%, etc. They will then increase or decrease the product price so you get the royalty you want.

Every Product starts at a base price that includes a 10% royalty fee that is paid to you – but it’s your choice if you want to charge more.

When you first sign up to Zazzle, you will automatically get a referral link to use. You can then promote your store on facebook, twitter, your blog, etc. If someone clicks your link and makes a purchase you will receive the referral bonus (whether the buyer makes a purchase from your store or elsewhere on the site!)

There really is nothing to lose with giving this one a go – Zazzle provides you with all the tools you need for creating professional looking designs, setting up your store and promoting your products.

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