At www.about.com you can apply to become either a Guide, Topic Writer or Video Producer. Writers and Guides are paid monthly for content produced plus performance related incentives. Video Producers are paid a set fee per video used.


Guides create great, informative and accurate content specifically to help About.com’s users in their moment of need. You will work from home at your own pace, with the help and support of the editorial team

All applicants must  go through a two-part online orientation and evaluation program, learning about the standards, writing articles and posts, which will be published on a special test site. An editor will comment on your work, offering support and advice when needed before a final decision is made as to whether you can become a Guide or not.

Both stages of the evaluation take two weeks to complete, and only a selection of topics are chosen each week to be evaluated, so you could be on the waiting list for a while after submitting your application. You will be evaluated on your writing skills, knowledge of, and passion for your chosen topic and ability to communicate those skills effectively to beginners.

Guides are also required to produce a weekly newsletter and moderate a forum.

A list of available topics for guides to write about can be found here.

Topic Writers

Topic writers are also freelancers. Topic Writers will be expected to write content on topics that are more specialized than what the Guides cover.

The evaluation is similar to that of a guide. You will be required to submit several  writing samples under the instruction of an editor. If you excel, you will be asked to create a site of your work using About.com’s own publishing tools. Your test site will become the basis for the real Topic Site, if you are successful in your application. An editor will assess your work and the work of your competitors on the same Topic  and make a  decision in conjunction with the editorial team.

Video Producers

To become a Video Producer for About, the applicant is required to submit a Be a Producer application. If the application is accepted, the applicant then submits and original HD test video based on a topic chosen from the video CMS. Test videos must meet About’s standards to be considered for approval.

If About approves your test video, you will be paid the standard fee of $250. About may also then offer you the opportunity to produce more videos for them.

About.com’s videos help millions enrich their lives and learn new skills every year.  Whether it’s cooking for a formal dinner party or trying out a new exercise routine, the videos are a trusted source of information and advice. They must therefore be technically accurate, informative and entertaining. A thoroughly professional finished video of an extremely high standard is expected.


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