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Before adding your main articles you will need to create your Home and About pages. Put a little effort into the home page as it will be the first thing people see when they land on your site (your landing page). First impressions count, as they say.

You will also need a privacy policy, Generate a readymade one here, Tos (terms of service) and a disclosure (later on you will be adding affiliate products and you must disclose that you will gain monetary benefit if anyone purchases a product or signs up for a service using your links). When it comes time to monetizing your site you can easily run into trouble (get your accounts banned) if you do not have this in place.

Once that is in place it’s time to start adding your own articles. If you want to get noticed by the Google Gods you must post unique articles with good quality content of around 300-500 words each.

Content is king when it comes to Google rankings! Not many people know for sure exactly what methods Google uses for page rankings and it changes periodically, but good content is always high on the list. Do not copy other articles from the internet (if you do then at least reword it and change it around!) If you really can’t manage the writing yourself it can be outsourced from around $1 per 100 words – check oDesk content and forums for article writers (warrior forum is a good resource to use).

You should aim to get 5-10 good quality articles live before moving on to the next stage of earning money from your blog. Make sure you put your key words in the articles often (don’t just use them randomly for the sake of it though) as this will help with your seo on the next stage.

By now you should be feeling pretty proud of yourself! Take a good look at what you have built, do you love it? If it wasn’t yours would you be glad you’d found it? If the answer is no then now is the time to go back and make the changes you want until you are fully pleased with your efforts.

Run it past family, friends, and work mates – everyone you know really!  Ask for their honest opinions and feedback, but don’t be offended if you don’t hear what you wanted to.

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