Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people’s products for a comission. But how can you sell stuff if you can’t be bothered updating a blog everyday? No Email List? No Website? But you still want to get some money in your PayPal account everyday and Make Money Online – for free, of course – right?

Well if you have internet access and a PayPal account and don’t mind breaking a few of Facebook’s Terms of service I might just be able to help you get some money!

What you will need to Make Money with this method…

  • PayPal account – to receive all the monies!
  • New Facebook Account – Sometimes they ask for phone verification, so pick up a free sim to use for this.
  • Product(s) to sell – You could try Clickbank, PaySpree or JVZoo for this. Payspree and JVzoo pay money into your Paypal account instantly when you make a sale.
  • Any other social media platforms you are comfortable with (YouTube, Digg, Stumble, Twitter, etc)

Don’t just try to promote any old rubbish you find on Clickbank, you will make money with this method, but only if you really take your time and find something you can relate to; the best way to sell something is to believe in it yourself.

Selling on Facebook using ClickBank is about as simple as Internet Marketing gets, just keep it a secret! Go to the Clickbank Marketplace after you’ve signed up and click the Facebook “like” button under your chosen product. The link that posts on your Facebook page will have your affiliate ID in it. Anyone that clicks the link and purchases the item will earn you a commission. There you go! No Website Needed! TaDA!

The Sneaky Bit:

A Facebook Page with 5000 (min) targeted likes, the easy way..

Before jumping in, have a think about which Niche you are targeting – as an example, and to prove it can be done I will be using my new page as an example – It targets gamers and specifically Online Poker. Photography, cooking, weight-loss, or muscle-building products would also be good choices.

Ok so now you need to create a new Facebook Profile with a name that resembles your Niche(you will see why shortly!) I wanted True Poker Strategy, but FB would not allow this as it is made of common dictionary words, to get around it I ended up with Truepoke Strateg, have a play around with names until you (and FB!) are happy with it.

Now you need friends, lots of. To get your first few, add your name to the “add mee” types of pages. Then go around any related pages to your niche and make some comments, add a few members (not too many). As I was targeting gamers, I added a Hidden Chronicles logo as my profile pic – which attracted about 100-200 friend requests a day, then changed it to a Zynga Poker pic which had pretty much the same effect. Once you get to about 500, the requests snowball because of the mutual friends.

When you hit 5000 (took me about 2 weeks, but i didn’t send requests, just accepted them) FB will tell you that you cannot add any more friends. Now you can change your profile to a page, check the details here. You will have to name the page the same (or very similar) as your profile, which is why choosing the name at the beginning was so important.

Now you have a page with 5000 likes! Want another 5k? Do it again, making sure you name the page EXACTLY the same as the first time, then merge the pages… You can do this as often as you like/can be bothered with.

To make sure you don’t lose too many fans, make your page engaging, add some funny quotes, pictures relating to your niche, etc..

Then simply start adding in your affiliate links (don’t blatantly spam them!). So as not to have links 3 paragraphs long, it’s a good idea to head over to (or pick up 3 free domains) and shorten them. Always add images of the products you are selling.

Facebook should lead heavily towards visual content, but should always be accompanied by explanatory text to give the visuals context. Visual content has higher engagement on Facebook, and the more engagement your content has, the more positively Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm will favor your posts — thus expanding your reach! (How Techy was that!? Actually I copied curated a bit from Hubspot’s Social media Guide Crush-Competitors-SocialMedia-30Days)

More Conventional Methods

  • Check out the Mashable Twitter Guide to get your Twitter following to a level that will generate sales.
  • Get your link up daily on Cashblurbs
  • Read A great Social Media Guide Here
  • Get some videos up on YouTube, if you don’t want to do it yourself just use images or pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you (you will need to write them a script). Don’t forget to share your videos on your Facebook page and include your affiliate link (shortened) on your profile and the video description.
  • Do some guest blogging on other peoples blogs – just find a related Niche and contact the Admin and offer to write and article, just check with them before hand that it’s ok to pop your link in at the end (it usually is as long as you are not trying to sell the same product as the site owner!)
  • Submit a few articles to Article directories such as Ezine and Go Articles, you can usually add up to three links in these.
  • Get your links up on free classifieds such as Gumtree and CraigsList
  • Open a junk Gmail account and sign up to free mailers such as KuleMail to get your offers sent out (I’m still testing this method out as you need 10 referrals to get a mail sent to 1000 members!). Most Clickbank products come with a mail swipe where you can just add your link, so you don’t even need to worry about writing out an email!

To make sales, and more importantly – make money with any social media platform, it is important to come across as “real”. Engage with your fans/followers – like and comment on others’ posts, be enthusiastic and always refer to yourself as “me” or “I” – never “we” or “us”. Make the experience a personal one.

If you have chosen a Niche that genuinely interests you this is a great way to meet like-minded people so make sure you are networking daily. You will be enjoying the experience and it won’t even feel like work at all, except of course you will be getting paid!

There are hundreds of more methods to make money online without a website for free, use your imagination, and use EVERY opportunity you come across to post your links!

I wouldn’t say this is a way to make money online by doing nothing, as you are going to have to work a little, but hopefully you will WANT to do it everyday – and therefore it becomes easy to Make Money Online!




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