How Can I make Money Online??

This really is the million dollar question isn’t it? In the process of building this site, I have made it my business to join as many money making forums as possible in order to  research various methods. If I could find a way to earn just $1 from every time I see this question (or variants such as “what’s the quickest way to make money online”, “how can I get some quick cash”, etc) Then I wouldn’t be here explaining it, I’d be enjoying counting my millions!

There is no 1 definate answer to this, there are 1000 or more ways to make money online – the question really should be “what am I prepared to do to make money online”. So, be honest with yourself, what are you prepared to do – or, more importantly, what are you prepared to sacrifice? Will you give up all your free time? Can you isolate yourself at home while your ex co-workers carry on life without you, knocking off at 5pm precisely; then enjoying after work drinks? Would you give up the TV / games you enjoy so much? Can you really log off Facebook all day in order to focus?

Want to just make some spare cash in your lunchtime? No problem, there’s several ways to do just that on this blog alone. Want to start your own marketing business from scratch? Search and you will find right here. Want honest work for honest pay? Freelancing is the way to go and once again can be found here!

Or is what you really want  for someone to tell you to press 2 buttons per day and watch $10,000 a day roll effortlessly into your paypal account, while you sit back sipping cocktails on an excluded beach in the Bahamas?

This is NEVER going to happen, anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you and trying to take your money; so they get to sit on that very beach, sipping cocktails bought with your cash. If this is the way you are tempted to go, you have better odds of winning the lottery, but of course that would mean going out to actually buy a ticket!

With that said, take some time to browse the various categories right here and decide on what you really want, write down your goals and find a method that you think you can stay motivated  and focused on.

You should definately join forums full of like minded people, there’s some great people out there (as well as a couple of sharks, be careful!) but don’t EVER make your first post How Can I Make Money Online!!!

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  1. I think the sheer number of options also make it difficult for people to start making money online. There is also ALOT of bad advice out there unfortunately which can easily lead people into dead-ends.

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