Create Greeting Card Content or Artwork

There is good money to be made creating top quality greeting card content and/or artwork. You can typically get paid anywhere between £10 – £100 for each submission used (average is around £60)

If you think this may be up your street you will first need to decide which genre you are going to write/design for. As a general rule the categories of greeting cards are: Traditional, Contemporary and Humorous

Once you have decided which genre you are more suited to, you will need to research which publishing companies are most like to accept your submissions, and then contact those companies. Remember when making your first point of contact – introduce yourself professionally as a freelance copywriter! Most companies will accept email submissions, but a few still prefer regular mail, if going this route then do make sure to enclose a self addressed envelope with postage paid if you want your work back.

Make sure when making submissions that you have lots of different greetings, most will be rejected at first, don’t take this personally. If you are constantly getting more rejections than acceptance, think about changing your style or submitting to different companies. Always keep your rejected work, it may get accepted by a different publishing house, or by the same one at a later date.

Remember, inspiration strikes at any moment, so always carry a notebook and pen with you and keep it within grabbing distance at all times!

Companies looking for good copy:

Blue Mountain look for Contemporary prose or poetry written from personal experience that reflects the thoughts and feelings that people want to communicate to each other, but just don’t always know how to put into their own words. They are looking for new, original, and creative writings that do not resemble anything they have published already. Have a look around the site and get a feel for the style, but don’t try to copy what you see. Submissions may only be in English – pay of up to $300 per poem used.

Quitting Hollywood are specialists at risqué humour, they pay £100 for each copy used. Find more details on submitting artwork or copy on their contact page here

There are lots more companies that are always looking for top quality content from freelancers, next time you are out shopping take a look at the back of some greeting cards and make a note of the publishing house. If you can’t contact them online give them a ring and ask for their copywriting policies, a few companies will only have “in house” writers and designers, but most are open to new, fresh talent.


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