Emergency Cash

Emergency Cash – What to do in a desperate situation

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a tricky financial situation. I count my blessings that I am not the main wage earner in our household, that responsibility can weigh very heavy on one’s shoulders especially in these uncertain times.

So, what to do if you find yourself truly desperate? I’m not going to rattle on about swapping credit cards, calling your creditors, driving for optimum economy, saving at the supermarket or any of that. If you have found this page you must already have done everything you can, but for those that haven’t, I suggest you take a look at www.moneysavingexpert.com for some solid advice before reading any further.

Some of the following methods may not be viable as a long term source of income, but will definitely get you out of a crisis. If any of these quick money making methods seem like too much of an effort or just aren’t your “cup of tea”, then you really aren’t desperate! You probably still have time to find a more long term source of income.

Whatever you do – DON’T be tempted by any get rich quick schemes!! You are out to get some emergency cash, not spend any more.

Unless you are 100% sure of being able to pay back a loan on time, resist the temptation of an emergency cash payday loan. Even the slightest default on these will get you into 10 x more trouble than you are in already. If you need to borrow emergency cash always try friends and family first, failing that try for an overdraft, or if all else fails go and pawn something.

If you want to try any of the methods outlined below, do not act desperate (no matter how desperate you actually are!). People want to buy from successful service suppliers. When you act desperate, you give others the impression that you’re out to do things for yourself instead providing a service to benefit them. Nobody wants to deal with people who are only looking after their own interests.

10 Ways to Generate Emergency Cash Online:

First thing to do is open a PayPal account, it’s free. If you already have one then make sure you also get a PayPal Debit Card. It can take days to transfer money from your PayPal account into your bank, but if you have the Debit Card, every sale you make is available instantly. Having your funds immediately to hand when you’re in dire straits is essential.

 1. Download this: Emergency Quick Cash No – I don’t want you to read it (unless you want to!), you should instead take it directly to Fiverr and sell it, but not until you’ve absorbed the information in this: fiver money guide; with that info under your belt, the dreaded first gig should be easier. If you are struggling then head to the money making forums and find a thread similar to “help me please I need quick cash” (don’t worry, there’s plenty of them!) and sell your gig. Something like “I was in your situation not so long ago and came across this great method, it really worked for me, hope it can help you out too……”

2. If English is your first language and you can string some reasonable sentences together, then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be earning $40 an hour writing articles. Sign up to Elance and freelancer.com (no more than 2 as you need to build up a reputation as a valued writer). You may need to take lower paying work at first before you get some ratings, but after a couple of days you can be demanding at least $10 for a 500 word article. 500 words can be easily achieved in 15 minutes with the help of http://www.4minutearticles.com/. You simply find an article on the subject you need and paste it into the window on the left, then rewrite in the right pane. This saves lots of time switching between tabs and keeps you focused on the job at hand. You end up with a quality, original article. If work from the freelancing sites is slow coming in then simply head over to the warrior forum, digital point or money-makers forum and look for the services wanted threads – there’s always plenty. You may have to offer a couple of articles for free to gain a reputation, just do whatever it takes!

 3. Not that great at writing? No problem! You can still sign up at the freelancing sites, then go to the forums and find article writers offering the services at a lower price than you are going to be paid to do it for you. You won’t make as much, and you may have to edit the content a little but still a nice earner for little work.

4. Gather together everything you can live without and get it on Craig’s list, eBay, Ebid, Amazon marketplace, gumtree, donedeal, loot, buyandsell – anywhere, just get it up for sale! When you’ve run out of your own stuff, start looking in the free sections of the classifieds or on freecycle and go collect more stuff!

 5. Dig out any old mobile phones and send them off to www.mazumamobile.com or www.envirofone.ie in Ireland

 6. Get unwanted DVD’s, CD’s and games and send them to www.musicmagpie.co.uk, dig out your read books and sell them on http://www.greenmetropolis.com/, and don’t forget broken or unwanted gold jewellery – pawn it or send to any of the cash for gold sites (do a bit of price comparison before sending).

 7. Sign up as an affiliate with JVZoo.com (they pay instantly per sale into your PayPal account), choose a product to promote and make a great looking sales page with a review of the product for free at worpress or blogger (shorten your URL at bitly.com) and put a link to your product on the page. Sign up at easyhits4u.com to create a splash page and get some traffic. Start posting on forums, blogs, Facebook, twitter and any other social network you can find with a link to your site. Make blog posts good quality and related to the subject or it will just be deleted. When posting on Forums adhere to the posting rules and add value to the conversations. Do some offline marketing – make up some flyers with a QR code to your blog on it, put the URL in too for those that don’t have a smart phone, leave in internet cafe’s, supermarket notice boards, libraries, College Campus, etc.

 8. By now you should have made enough for the next method, it will cost around $20 (you could try to sell on Digital Point for free, but it’s not as good as Warrior Forum). Search the money making forums for a really good earning method, one that promises at least $100 a day for the least amount of work. Twist the method, turn it and tweak it – completely reword and expand it until it is unique to you (you will probably have to fluff it out and make a bigger font so it looks longer than it is). Spend a few hours making it look pretty and add a nice cover, then package it up into a PDF file and head over to warrior forum or digital point to sell as a WSO (warrior special offer) DO NOT bring it back to the forum you found it on!

 9. This method is a little risky, but hey – desperate times and all that! OK… Here is what you do: Log into Ebay, do some price comparison research on high-end items (iPhones, DSLR Camera’s, etc.) Now the sneaky bit; List the same product as the higher priced item as a buy it now,  and as soon as you get a buyer for it, go and buy it from the lower priced seller and tell them to ship it to the person who bought it from you!

 10. Go to Flippa and search the websites for sale, find some with a rubbish sales pitch and contact the seller offering to rewrite it either for a set fee or a small percentage of the sales price.

Any of the above methods could get you out of a tight fix in an emergency, but remember a lot of these money making methods are ripe for expansion and tweaking! Once you’ve started to make some money you will be in a position to expand by outsourcing, buying advertising and building / buying email lists and automating with tools and software. You can pick and choose higher paying products to promote from Clickbank as soon as you don’t need the cash instantly any more.

Always give something back once you’ve made it!

If you are really really on your uppers and in dire need of emergency cash, and don’t mind taking the risk of your affiliate programme banning you then you could get a few dollars from advertising something that just requires a quick survey to be filled in (car insurance quotes are great for this purpose). Get the link – shorten in with goo.gl, bit.ly or tinyurl then go spam the free ad sites with messages such as: “Has anyone tried this out goo.gl.yourlink? It promises to save at least $100 on your car insurance. I need some advice as I’ve been screwed over in the past. Thanks” You will be reported for spamming – but it could get you out of trouble!

10 Ideas to Generate Emergency Cash Offline:

Most often, getting emergency cash is easier to do offline. There’s plenty you can do to get emergency cash in a desperate situation:

  1. Put notices up on supermarket notice boards offering your skills (baby/pet sitting, dog walking, odd jobs, etc.)
  2. In early spring go round knocking doors offering to plant up people’s hanging baskets, do one beforehand and show as a sample. This can lead to a very profitable home business. If you can find somewhere to grow seedlings then you will be quids in – simply fill baskets, collect them back late autumn and send them out again in the spring with your own flowers.
  3. Offer a mat cleaning service to local business – collect the mats, hire a carpet cleaner for a week and return them back looking clean and fresh. Again this can be turned into a very profitable business once you have made enough to invest in your own equipment and mats; you can cycle them so that the shop does not have to be without while you are cleaning for them. This method can also be expanded to cleaning the whole carpets overnight.
  4. Go door knocking on the nice side of town (wealthy people will always have spare money); offer to do the jobs that no one else wants to do: picking up dog poo, ironing, cleaning gutters, washing wheelie bins, cleaning driveways, cars, windows, washing moss off roofs. Usually the first house is the hardest to get, but if you can achieve that, then others will follow; nothing quite like word of mouth in suburbia!
  5. Visit all the local businesses and offer to water the flower displays early in the mornings, sell the benefits of the outside of the shop not being wet when customers come in, etc. If you could get 20 stores in a row signing up that’s €200 or more a week before you’ve even had breakfast! Also offer odd jobs – changing light bulbs, cleaning signage, etc. most business owners are well dressed businessmen/women and won’t want to be getting their hands dirty!
  6. In November you could again go round the local businesses offering to hang up and take down the Christmas lights, when visiting be sure to bring a diary with a few bogus entries already in so it looks like you are filling available slots quickly.
  7. Search the local classifieds for high-end cars that have been for sale for quite a long time, offer to sell the car for 10% of the selling price. If the owner agrees then get it up on all the local classifieds and get it sold ASAP – even if the owner doesn’t agree, you could try this anyway and see if he changes his mind when you’ve found a buyer! This is a good service to offer to single women; it can be quite scary having strangers coming round wanting to kick your cars’ tyres and take it for a test drive!
  8. Look for houses that aren’t selling, and offer to “stage it” for potential buyers. Read up on how to sell a house and sell yourself as a professional service. If you can find just one and do it successfully, be sure to take pictures and get testimonials, you can then leave your details with Estate Agents for recommendations to their clients.
  9. Go to your local Car Repair Garage or Used Car Salesroom and offer to have adverts placed on your car. This could also work for local take –away businesses.
  10. Bring your old clothes to a cash for clothes bank.





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